Spax: A Company Profile

Spax: A Company Profile

Professional Builder talks with Spax, the manufacturer of screws.


Many of our readers will have become familiar with the Spax brand of screws in recent years but what is the history behind the product?

Launched almost forty years ago in 1967, Spax has consistently stood for innovation and quality in the manufacture of an extremely diverse range of screws for the construction industry. Produced in Germany with the distinctive Spax –Die Schruabe logo, it is now distributed to more than 40 countries.


How exactly has that range evolved?

The company philosophy has always been to constantly meet the rapidly changing interior and exterior requirements of both large and small construction projects, satisfying the needs of everyone involved in the build process. Today, it can claim to be one of the most extensive ranges in the world.


We understand there are some exciting new developments for 2016?spax1

The offering has recently been expanded with the introduction of a new range of universal use woodscrews, which deliver a number of improved features and benefits.

They retain all the proven advantages of Spax, including multi-head features, ground serrations and a 4-cut point to create a screw that is quick and easy to secure, saving the end user time and money.

To achieve an even better, faster hold the screws are manufactured with an optimised point that is quick gripping when driving in, whilst the screw point additionally prevents damage to smooth surfaces, such as coated timber. To further help the bit from slipping during fixing the new screw also features a T Star plus bit recess.


Particular emphasis seems to have been placed on a new coating. Why is this so important?

The new product is Wirox coated, an exclusive material from Spax that is recognised as providing corrosion protection that is 20 times greater than traditional blue zinc plating (BZP).

The coating is also abrasion-proof and more resistant to stress than blue zinc or yellow plating, which means, whatever the weather, the Wirox screw is well suited to the outdoors, thereby ensuring that it truly earns its “universal fixing” label.

With a keen eye on relevant directives, the coating complies with Category Five for extremely high resistance, according to DIN EN 1670, and is also particularly suited to service Class 2 in accordance with Euro Code Five for open constructions without direct exposure to weather – such as car ports, and pergolas – creating a product with complete regulation adherence.

In terms of environmental performance, Wirox is free from chrome both during manufacturing and usage.


It’s clearly got a lot going for it. Can we expect to see the coating being rolled out across the range?

With Spax setting new standards, the 6 and 8mm timber construction screw range, and the decking screw, are also now available with the coating. However, in certain applications stainless steel screws remain indispensable and, of course, we continue to offer a range of construction, decking and flat countersunk woodscrews manufactured in solid A2 stainless steel.


One final point – we notice the packaging on the new screws is noticeably different. Can you elaborate?

Well spotted! Whilst still immediately recognisable as a Spax product in its striking green box, the packaging now features a large window panel, which will allow tradespeople to clearly view the contents. The packaging is easy to open without any major effort by simply pulling open the slip case. When you are using hundreds of these a day, it is the little innovations which can make a big difference.

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