Review: Bosch GOP 18V Multi-Tool

Review: Bosch GOP 18V Multi-Tool

Tibby Singh Chodha multi-tasks with Bosch’s multi-tool. 

Multi-Tools are becoming very popular in the industry and for me they are more like a get out of jail card. In other words you may not use it every day but when it comes out to play you’d expect it to bail you out. I wanted to take a closer look to see whether Bosch’s GOP 18V – 28 Professional Heavy Duty Multi-Tool would be the star of the day.

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What struck me straight away is a feature that shines out, which is the StarLockPlus feature. This is a new blade mounting system that has unique features and many benefits. As the name suggests, the connection between the blade and the motor are similar to a star shape, with a cake tin pattern which creates the 3D connection.

Most importantly, it’s a quick connection with the blade clicking into the machine in a blink of an eye. I feel like this system creates a better locking mechanism and reduces the blade from vibrating – and improving the cut as a consequence. It also gives you more options on the blades cutting position, with up to 12 locking positions in total, including backwards.

The blades are also colour coding for different applications:

Purple – Multi-Material
Grey – Wood
Brown – Grout and Abrasive
Blue – Metal
White – Wood and Metal

Not only that but the measurements are also laser-etched on to the blade, which tells you how deep you’ve gone into the material. I found this useful for when cutting notches into timber as it allows you to get the correct depth consistently. Alternatively, if you’re cutting something and don’t want to damage anything behind it, you know when to cut it off.

I’ve been a little quiet on talking about the multi-tool itself and, in fact, I was pleasantly surprised to find out how quiet it actually is in all speeds from 1-6. What I really admire about this tool is that it’s a cordless, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be waiting for it to charge because, thanks to its EC Brushless motor technology, it offers 30 per cent more power and efficiency. This multi-tool runs on an 18V 2,0Ah Li-Ion battery, which hardly makes a major difference to its size and weight.

I must say that this is the first multi-tool I’ve come across that has an LED light, which was certainly unexpected. This means the next time I’m crouched inside a cupboard, I’ll no longer need to multi task by holding the light in one hand and the multi tool in the other.

Tirbhavan “Tibby” Singh Chodha –

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