Review: Makita JV102D Jigsaw

Review: Makita JV102D Jigsaw

Tibby Singh Chodha gets jiggy with Makita’s new JV102D Jigsaw.

Makita’s new JV102D 10.8V Cordless CXT Brushless Jigsaw is now on the market. However, I was initially puzzled by its odd shape, but had to have a play with it and put the pieces together to see the whole picture.

Unlike most common jigsaws, that have a top handle designed to be used for single-handed operations, this Makita has a barrel grip design with a raised front pommel. This means that it allows you to control the machine with two hands. This is a very handy feature as it allows you to have more control, therefore increasing accuracy.

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After getting to grips with its handle, I started pushing all the right buttons. It’s on/off button and the Lock on function, gets a thumbs up from myself. This is because you can quickly start and stop it by the press of a button with your finger or thumb whilst holding the Jigsaw.

However, it still has a soft start feature, even though it’s a button and not a trigger. It also has an electric brake, meaning you can stop it dead wherever and whenever rather than having to wait for it to stop. It doesn’t just stop there because it even has a function called “Soft no Load”, that automatically reduces the speed during idling. This in turn reduces the vibration of the machine’s body.

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Moving on, the body has a lever to adjust the ‘cutting action’ from 0 to 3, which changes the depth of the thrusts of the blade. This means you can change the machine from doing slower more accurate cuts on 0, to quicker rough cuts on setting 3. On top of this it has variable speed from 1 to 5.

Coming with Compact Extreme Technology, this 10.8V tool is small but versatile and still has room for a battery LED fuel gauge. This assists the Jigsaw to run up to 3,000 strokes per minute with a 23mm stroke length. Considering its size it delivers a big swing of its blade, which can even be changed quickly with B-Type bayonet blades. Cutting to the chase it has the capacity to cut through 90mm in wood, 20mm in aluminium and 10mm in steel.

When cutting into the material it has an option to install a dust cover at the front and a dust nozzle from the back that can be connected to a vacuum. This Makita is a breath of fresh air from all angles. This brings me onto the base, which can be tilted between 0 – 45o from left to right.

To say it’s so small and only weighs 1.9kg, Makita’s JV102D 10.8v Cordless CXT Brushless Jigsaw has many bright features, including the LED light. With some tools the light comes on when the tool is started, however with this Makita the light comes on before and stays on after the cuts complete. It’s certainly a steal with everything it comes with including a sleek solid systainer!


Tirbhavan “Tibby” Singh Chodha –

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