Review: FXD Workwear

Review: FXD Workwear

Professional Builder’s Tibby Singh Chodha stretches his legs with FXD Workwear.

When it comes to choosing your workwear, you can be spoilt for choice as there are so many options available these days. I’m a big believer of trying new and upcoming brands and the FXD Workwear have literally come up from down under. I’d never heard of FXD before and was surprised to find out they’d been going for over 25 years in Australia and have now recently been introduced to the UK market.

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My initial reaction of the FXD Work Pants (WP-3) and the Short Sleeve Shirt (SSH-1) was a quite surprised one, as they look more like simple, smart wear. This is a true reflection of their goal: “to provide purpose-built technical apparel and workwear to those who want to emanate style at work”. You can be sure that your uniform will be more subtle and not scream work in progress.

My second thought was wondering if they really are built for a building site. As I was surfing the internet, I found out that the brand predominantly design and make purpose-built, technical apparel for boardsports and streetwear, from skateboarding to surfing wear. If there are two properties skateboarder’s cloths need to be, it’s definitely comfortable and durable.

These properties are certainly incorporated in these trousers from every angle thanks to the 360 Degree Garment Stretch and DURA 500 Reinforced Stress Points. It’s also important to point out that it’s reversed peach twill and triple needle stitched, meaning they’ll probably last you three times, if not longer, than any standard trousers.

These work pants have got plenty of pockets from back to front including a double layer internal pocket bag, allowing you to fit a bag load of tools in without it easily ripping. In addition to these, FXD has a selection of various garments from pants, shorts, jackets and socks. They also produce shirts and I got the chance to try their Short Sleeve Shirt (SSH – 1). This did grow on me as it makes you feel more professional and also you’ll sure think twice about wiping the silicone or glue on your top.

To sum things up ‘FXD’ is short for ‘F by D’ and if you do the math, it means ‘Function by Design’. You can’t argue that they haven’t achieved this. You could literally go from doing messy work on a building site to pricing another job up in a clean environment, yet the client would think you’ve come dressed for the occasion. This first impression could just seal the deal on appearance alone!

Tirbhavan “Tibby” Singh Chodha –

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