Klober Answers Your Roofing FAQs

Klober Answers Your Roofing FAQs

In the latest of our FAQ series, Graham Copson, Technical Manager of Klober, takes us through some of the more common queries received by the company’s technical department. For more roofing FAQs from Klober click here.

Are products such as Dry verge and Roll Fix compliant with the new BS 8612 standard?

Yes, our Roll Fix and Dry verge products are compliant provided they are installed as per our fitting recommendations. With the introduction of the new BS8612 Dry Fix standard, the Technical Department made certain that the relevant tests were carried out to ensure that the Dry verge and Roll fix products complied in time for the implementation of the new standard.

Are your Dry verge products classed as secondary fixings?

Yes, even with the new BS 8612 standards when installing our Uni-Click, Contract or Continuous dry verge, they can be considered as secondary fixing at the perimeter.

Do you need to ventilate Permo extreme underlay?

Permo extreme is considered a non-vapour permeable membrane, this means that you will have to provide ventilation when installing this membrane. The amount of installation is entirely dependent on the application, if you have a cold roof application you will need to provide 10mm continuous opening at eaves level and 5mm continuous for high level ventilation.

For a warm roof application provide 25mm continuous opening at eaves level and 5mm continuous for high level ventilation. This could be tile vents installed on either side or 5mm at ridge, you will also need to provide a 50mm gap between insulation and underlay.

As Permo extreme is installed at lower pitches you must make sure that any penetrations are completely sealed.

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