Fakro: Flat Roof Windows

Fakro: Flat Roof Windows

For years, when it came to installing windows in a flat roof, builders and home owners never had much in the way of choice.

All that changed with the introduction of a range from Fakro which, at a stroke, answered demands for products which are easy to fit, offer a really high standard of insulation and have a modern, stylish look.

Options now available include manually and electrically operated windows (plus non-openers), all with standard features such as anti-burglary, laminated internal glazing and a triple seal system for added airtightness. Self-builders in particular have been quick to say that Fakro DEF/DMF windows have a sleek, modern appearance which can provide a design feature in its own right.

The highly engineered PVC profiles and triple glazing make them ideal for any room and with sizes as small as 600 x 600mm there’s a window to suit any job.

For home owners wanting windows which offer real energy-efficiency a massive leap has been taken by using multi-chamber PVC frames which are filled with polystyrene insulation. The ultimate product in the range is the quadruple-glazed DEF U8 which is good enough to meet Passivhaus and EnerPHit standards.

The wide selection of sizes has been matched deliberately to standard skylights so replacement is quick and easy. EFW ujecie wewnetrzne(druk) 01Products have a white interior surface and electrically operated windows also have a built-in sensor that automatically closes the sash when it starts to rain. The ‘ColourLine’ option also means a window’s outer cladding can even be ordered in any of the dozens of colours from the RAL Classic range.

Even upstands now have a modern finish and for added clearance on green roofs the XRD raises a window’s position by around 150mm.

Accessories such as external awning and decorative internal blinds can be fitted and for smarthome owners Z-wave wireless technology is installed so that operation can be carried out alongside lights, heating, alarm, TVs and appliances from more than 200 of the world’s leading manufacturers (including Apple).

To be able to do this from a tablet, laptop or phone gives so much flexibility and encourages home owners to use their windows far more regularly. There’s also a good selection of wall-mounted or hand-held remotes to choose from.

If you’re looking to do a flat to pitched roof conversion Fakro has a new lightweight system which reduces the loading that traditional rafters would impose. The EFR Flat Roof Gable System makes the job quicker and less expensive and can be used on pitches up to 15° with any standard Fakro windows (which are bought separately).

Being positioned in combination reduces the gap between each and gives a really neat appearance. With all the accessories you’ll need supplied as part of the kit there’s no worrying about what fixings or flashings to buy. Not only will it transform any living space, the traditional feel of a pitched roof will, more often than not, enhance a home’s value.

Fakro’s latest innovations include flat roof windows in the same style for smoke and heat ventilation. When activated, four electric motors built into the frame push the window up by around 500mm.

Perhaps the most striking though is a window that can be walked on, even in the rain. The DXW’s combination of non-slip surface and tough sash and frame construction means it can be fitted flush within a roof line so that it functions as a living space while also bringing natural light to the rooms below.


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