Which fictional tradesperson are you?

Which fictional tradesperson are you?

Who was your favourite fictional tradesperson as a child? Did they make the cut for our top six? Find out some fun facts about these fictional tradespeople and their careers that you may not have known below.


Bob the Builder

A confident worker and team player, who never lets a job fail. Bob’s ‘yes we can!’ attitude has pleased the eyes and ears of the public for two decades since his first show was aired in 1998. Bob is a hardworking individual but is very reliant on his colleague, Wendy and his heavy machinery to help him get the job done. As much as Bob loves his job as a builder, he is also well known for his music career as he released a the popular single ‘Can we fix it?’.


The Doozers

In 1983, the Doozers joined our screens for the very first time in a very popular children’s show, Fraggle Rock. The Doozers were very small, only 4 inches tall, but that didn’t stop their determination to get big jobs done. Their lives were dedicated to working in the construction industry, they were busy working everyday, building scaffolding in the tunnels of Fraggle Rock. The Doozers loved their job, the team would happily sing together while they worked all day. Not only did the Doozers have a great work ethic, living by the slogan ‘architecture is meant to be enjoyed’, they also ensured they put safety first by wearing hard hats and work boots. Their builds were eco friendly as the materials that they used were made out of natural materials, manufactured from radishes.



First appearing in 1981, Mario stole the hearts of many people when he appeared in his first ever game ‘Donkey Kong’. Mario has been a tradesman for over 30 years now however, and has had a couple of different career choices throughout those years. When starting out, Mario was a carpenter and then further along the line he decided to make the choice to become a plumber. Mario is known to be very active as he runs and jumps (literally) into all of his jobs and anything that gets thrown at him. He is known for his strength as he spends most of his time breaking walls and other materials with his fists.


Fix it Felix

Since taking to the arcades in 1982 with his very own game ‘Fix it Felix jr’, Felix and his favourite tool, his hammer, have been fixing things for over 30 years. After becoming well known in his game, which featured a character called ‘Wreck it Ralph’, Felix made more recent appearances in Ralph’s films in both 2013 and 2018 (Wreck it Ralph). But despite the years between his biggest achievements, Felix hasn’t changed his attitude towards his job. He has always been a very determined worker who likes to complete jobs independently and efficiently.


Handy Manny

Being the only handy man in his town, Handy Manny has a lot of work to do, but that doesn’t stop him from keeping a positive mindset with every job he comes across. Manny started his career in 2006, working out of his toolbox, on call for anyone who needed his help, no matter who the person may be. He always puts his customers first and greets them with his friendly and approachable personality. This handy man doesn’t only fix things either; he also likes to make furniture for customers from scratch so that they get exactly what they ask for.


Emmet Brickowski

A man of routine, Emmet loves to wake up every morning to go to work on a construction site with his large team of colleagues. Emmet is the youngest of our top six and only joined the fictional building world in 2014; but, even though he has only been in the business for five years, he certainly knows how to keep strictly to the rules. He follows all of the instructions step-by-step to avoid making any mistakes and never underestimates a job. He also keeps to his company’s uniform rules and wears a protective helmet and hi-vis everyday to keep him safe on site.


Which fictional tradesperson are you?


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