HiKOKI teams up with Rainy Day Trust

HiKOKI teams up with Rainy Day Trust

HiKOKI Power Tools has teamed up with the Rainy Day Trust to provide support for tradespeople who have had their tools stolen. Nick Chan, marketing manager, explains why.

Tool theft has reached epidemic levels. Sadly, too many tradespeople are falling victim to it, which puts their livelihood at risk. According to the findings of a Freedom of Information request, obtained from various police constabularies by Trade Direct Insurance, stolen equipment cost UK tradespeople £94,521,600 in 2016 alone.

Business insurance specialists Simply Business recently released their own findings of the tool theft hotspots in the UK. As they report, a number of big cities feature in the 10 worst hit areas – including London, Sheffield, Birmingham, Bristol, and Nottingham – but more surprisingly, Chelmsford and Tunbridge Wells also make the list. More than one in 10 Simply Business tradespeople customers in Tunbridge Wells were targeted last year and they handle three tool theft claims every day.

These are distressing statistics from just one of the major insurance providers, and the industry is attempting to fight back. In 2018, 150 tradespeople took part in an Anti-Tool Theft Van Rally in Plymouth, and on social media there have been campaigns and petitions to raise awareness of the issue.

Practical help however, apart from precautionary measures, is hard to come by, especially if the theft has already taken place. We have heard of companies going out of business because of a theft. HiKOKI wanted to positively contribute to help alleviate some of the suffering caused by tool theft, and in a way that makes a difference.

Hopefully our recent partnership with industry charity the Rainy Day Trust can go some way help to right the wrongs experienced by some of those in the trade most in need.

The Rainy Day Trust provides grants to pay for toolkits or safety equipment, and HiKOKI Power Tools has been working with the charity to supply these at a beneficial rate. Those who work in the home improvement sector and have had their tools stolen, or are an apprentice who is struggling to make ends meet, can apply for help directly from the charity.

After setting up the working partnership with HiKOKI Power Tools, the Rainy Day Trust received its seventh application in just two weeks from an apprentice who needs power tools to progress with his course.

If your company employs apprentices, they can apply to the Rainy Day Trust for help with a whole range of things, from direct financial support to power tools or a new laptop so that they can finish their studies. We know that when we intervene, pass rates improve and we can make a significant impact on the lives of those we help.

Tool theft is a blight on our society and has the potential to wreck a business. If you are unlucky enough to be a victim of this crime and it has the potential to put you out of business, The Rainy Day Trust could be your first port of call.


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