Tibby Checks Out Buckaroo’s Belts

Tibby Checks Out Buckaroo’s Belts

I recently tested Buckaroo’s ‘Signature Belt’ in conjunction with their shoulder braces, to see if it would make light of work by taking the pressure off my shoulders. Tool belts are usually one standard size but Buckaroo is specially made to fit you, making them very comfortable.

Going from front to back, the belt has five adjustment holes at the front. As they are made for your size, the strap fits in to the middle of the five sets of holes. This ensures the belt is centered on your waist to maximise the benefit from the built-in back support.

This back support looks and performs as though it could be used by a professional athlete attempting to break the world record in a weight lifting competition. This being said, you can be sure that it will save your back in the many years of your working life and minimise the chances of you having back problems later on.

This extra support is also greatly appreciated as I like to keep the tools I most commonly use on hand, saving me valuable time. This is particularly handy to eliminate those moments you get to the top of the scaffold to realise you’ve forgotten something, such as your hammer.

Buckaroo has nailed it with their holder, which is a combined hammer and chisel holder, capable of holding up to two chisels. The hammer holder is ring welded to a bracket then pressure pressed riveted, preventing the rivets from popping out. You can also be assured the chisel holder won’t put a hole in your pouch as it’s been fully reinforced from the inside.

The three pocket nail bag has two large pockets and a third one half the size of the larger ones. However, all three are large enough to allow you to slip your hand into to pick out your nails, screws and tools. All wear points are also pressure riveted and all stitching is double row stitched for strength.

Another one of its strengths is Buckaroo’s power tool frog that has the power to hold any of your power tools. I’m someone who likes to clip drills and nail guns to myself when working, as most power tools now have integrated carry clips. I like the fact the power tool frog has been laser cut and bent to shape from one piece of metal then riveted with high pressure to ensure it is solid and securely fixed.

There are also other separate pouches and clips available to hold measuring equipment, such as carpenter’s squares and measuring tapes. Buckaroo has calculated for everything so they manufacture and supply a long list of other tool frogs, holders, clips and pouches for many other trades, such as scaffolding, steel fixing, and carpentry.

The shoulder straps keep everything securely fastened in place and eliminate you needing to even think about having to waste time pulling your trousers up every so often. The braces loop through three metal brackets attached to the tool belt and can be adjusted to suit you.

Once this is on, there is no need to remove it as you simply unclip the chest strap and the main belt buckle and the pair then come off like a jacket. Just putting on this jacket makes you feel special as it feels custom made to suit you and your needs. Bukaroo’s products give you a sense of exclusivity and make you want to express this through the work you’re about to undertake without feeling like you’ve put your back into it.

Tirbhavan “Tibby” Singh Chodha – www.Facebook.com/TibbySingh

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