Setcrete launches floor levelling compound for outdoor areas

Setcrete launches floor levelling compound for outdoor areas

Setcrete has introduced Setcrete Exterior, an advanced, water-mix floor levelling compound for outdoor areas such as balconies, patios, garages and walkways.

When set and cured, Setcrete Exterior is unaffected by rain or frost and can be used to smooth and level rough, worn or mechanically-damaged concrete or sand/cement screeds.

It is particularly suited for preparing surfaces prior to the installation of artificial grass, creating a smooth base for the installation of resin pathways, and over patio areas before laying porcelain tiles; currently popular for creating a continuous ‘outside-inside’ flooring solution for areas connected by bi-fold or sliding doors. It can also be left uncovered and used as an exterior standalone wearing surface.

Due to its moisture tolerant properties, Setcrete Exterior can be used internally over damp, uneven concrete and sand/cement screeds prior to the application of Setcrete Rapid Set DPM.

It is suitable for use in light to medium duty applications and is ‘walk on hard’ from two hours after application. Setcrete Exterior is supplied in 20 kg paper lined sacks.

Commenting on the product, brand manager Peter Wilson said: “Setcrete Exterior is perfect for achieving a smooth, level subfloor surface to optimise the aesthetic appearance of a final floor finish, which is especially important for decorative coverings, and for added safety by ensuring the external subfloor is uniformly flat. Importantly, its weather-resistance and high strength characteristics enable it to deliver long-term performance in unforgiving and changeable exterior environments.”

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