Setcrete Floor Levelling Compound – reviewed!

Setcrete Floor Levelling Compound – reviewed!

Professional Builder’s Tibby Singh finds a simple solution in Setcrete’s Floor Levelling Compound

When it comes to preparing and levelling floors it can be overwhelming choosing the correct product for the job. I had two areas of concrete floor where I needed to self-level, with one area being almost 40mm out of level. For that kind of depth, most products I came across meant I had to mix it with aggregate. So, knowing I would have to get material on top of another material felt like an even bigger task.

It was then that I came across Setcrete, who manufacture a wide range of Floor Levelling Compounds. I was pleased to find out that its Deep Base Floor Levelling Compound is designed to raise floors quickly and allows for between 5-50mm in one application. It is even better knowing that it can be used in light to heavy-duty applications onto sound absorbent and non-absorbent subfloors.

The product is ideal for so many tricky situations, including where two adjacent rooms need to be raised to the same level, and it can be used on underfloor heating. When building up to that depth it is natural to think it will take days to dry, but with the latest fast drying cement technology, it has a walk on time of as little as 90 minutes, depending on the temperature.


Deep Base is perfect for building up in the lower areas of the floor and it is not expected to get the smoothest surface or finish. However, if that is something that must be achieved –as in my case – then finish the floor off with Setcrete’s Level-Smart Floor Levelling Compound.

Again, this is easy to use and can be applied at thicknesses from 2-30mm. However, for thicknesses greater than 10mm, and up to 30mm, it must be mixed with dry graded aggregate to the required ratio. That is the benefit of using Deep Base first and then finishing off with Level-Smart. This product also dries quickly with a walk on time of just 90 minutes and new flooring can be installed after four hours, again depending on the temperature. So, Level Smart is ideal when you’re up against the clock – and you need to work smart and not hard. It’s so easy to work with, it requires minimal effort with a trowel and, as always, a spike roller should be used to eliminate entrapped air and smooth out flow lines to give a more uniform appearance.

Setcrete does have its own Acrylic Primer which prevents unacceptable rapid drying of Setcrete Floor Levelling Compounds over absorbent subfloors and promotes adhesion to non-absorbent surfaces. It is a green colour making it easier to see what areas have been covered. The drying time also varies on temperature but may take between 20-30 minutes at 20ºC on absorbent subfloors and from 60 minutes at 20ºC on non absorbent subfloors.

Although Setcrete has various solutions for a wide range of applications it is the first time I have used these products – and I am impressed. They don’t just talk the talk, but walk the walk to a flawless finish, with minimal effort.

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