New Bosch Router and Planer Launched

New Bosch Router and Planer Launched

Bosch is offering a cordless edge router GKF 12V-8 Professional and a cordless planer GHO 12V-20 Professional in the 12 V segment for the first time.

The Flexible Power System from Bosch ensures compatibility with all existing power tools and chargers within the same voltage class. The 12 V system currently comprises of more than 30 tools, including multi-cutters, jig saws, hand-held circular saws, saber saws and different cordless screwdrivers.

The cordless edge router and planer are suitable for tradespeople working on interior wood finishing and kitchen installations, window, stairway or furniture manufacturing where control and flexibility is important. The tools are well-balanced, ergonomic and compact, which is made possible by the 12 V system as well as the use of EC technology.

The first cordless edge router with 12 V: GKF 12V-8 Professional
The Bosch GKF 12V-8 Professional cordless edge router stands out thanks to its comfortable handling when working on edges and edge bands. The handle is narrow and ergonomic so that the cordless edge router can be conveniently operated with one hand.

Weighing only 1.1 kg, the tool is incredibly light. The base plate is designed to have as much contact with the workpiece as possible. This combination ensures tilt-proof handling.

Adjusting the height of the Bosch GKF 12V-8 Professional is also convenient, thanks to the quick adjustment system, the base plate can be easily adjusted with the push of a button. The fine adjustment is carried out with a thumbwheel – whereby one full revolution corresponds to a height of one-millimetre − and the required setting can be locked with a set screw.

Changing accessories also only requires a few simple steps. The extensive Bosch range of accessories offers different router heads with conventional diameters of 6 and 8 mm, as well as ¼” for working on round edges, chamfers and edge bands.

The only cordless planer with 12 V: GHO 12V-20 Professional

The Bosch GHO 12V-20 Professional cordless planer is comparable to a traditional hand-held planer in terms of weight and size, meaning it offers tradespeople familiar handling characteristics. Its ergonomic design provides comfortable handling and balance, optimised for one hand use. At a cutting depth of 1 mm, the optimum cutting width of the cordless planer is 40 mm, the maximum cutting width is 56 mm.

The user can easily select the right depth by adjusting the knob position in just a few easy clicks. Features of the tool also include the sturdy aluminium housing of the planer shaft and optional dust extraction – either using a dust bag or by connecting a dust extractor with an adapter. Furthermore, the cordless planer is equipped with an integrated holder for an additional blade, as well as restart protection. Matching blades for the GHO 12V-20 Professional are also available in the Bosch range of accessories.

The new L-Boxx system: Greater ease of use and full compatibility

Both tools come delivered in the new L-Boxx 136, which makes it easier for professionals to transport and store them. Thanks to the optimised click system, the L-Boxxes can now be opened when stacked – and can be quickly connected and disconnected with just one hand.

The new L-Boxx 102, 136, 238 and 374 models also weigh less and offer more space than previous models, yet are just as robust. They are compatible with existing L-Boxx variants and the Sortimo vehicle racking system.

Prices for the GKF 12V-8 Professional start at £139.00 and £189.00 for the GHO 12V-20 Professional. These prices are recommended retail prices excluding VAT and are subject to change.


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