Technical FAQ with Klober

Technical FAQ with Klober

In the latest of our FAQ series, the technical support team at Klober takes us through some of the more common queries received by the department.

Do I really need to use air-open underlays?

The answer is yes, unless you want to add supporting high level ventilation at or near the ridge! That can add unnecessary time to complete the job. And be careful, there are some who would like you to think some standard vapour permeable underlay is air-open when it’s not. So if you are told a product is air-open, it’s worth a check on the manufacturer’s website to see what the performance is.

Aren’t all lead-free flashings pretty much the same?

The answer is a very definite no. They vary in appearance and performance, and there is a quick test to see how well one will perform. Take two pieces of a product – such as Klober Wakaflex – peel off the backing of one and stick it to the facing of the other. You should find it almost impossible to break the bond. If that isn’t the case, the product you have chosen is unlikely to last long.

Dry verges: are there any differences?

Klober’s Uni-Click dry verge is made from polypropylene rather than PVC. Some manufacturers will tell you it makes no difference, but polypropylene will last longer and is more durable and lighter in weight.


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