General building products – June 2021

General building products – June 2021


Improvements in the manufacturing and design of the new Bradstone ECO low carbon paving range have achieved carbon footprint reductions of more than 20 per cent compared to previous versions. ECO Evolve is more than 35 pert cent lower in carbon compared to the Old Town product. The paver is lighter and easier to handle and, with its specific laying pattern, is now faster to lay as well.


Suitable for applications in contemporary driveways, patios and pathway projects, Invicta from Brett Landscaping is the first block paving product to use the company’s newly developed AggTech surface technology. Available in four colours – Pearl, Moonstone, Onyx and Citrine – natural aggregates are used on the surface of each paving block to create a durable finish which shimmers in different lights.


There’s a new look for many of the lines in the Everbuild roofing products portfolio, including the full Black Jack range of bitumen roofing coatings and flashing tapes, Everbuild Liquid Roof, Evercryl One Coat and Evercryl Emergency Roof Repair. Liquid Roof provides a waterproof finish for new roofs, or when refurbishing existing structures, and is rain-resistant in just 10 minutes.


Protect exterior wooden surfaces for longer with GORI. The range features six products, with key benefits including prevention against greying caused by UV-rays, microporosity to allow the wood to ‘breathe’ without cracking, prevention against swelling and Slow Release Protection technology. The water repellent, UV-resisting and extremely opaque GORI 99 Extreme Wood Finish will, for instance, resist mould and fungus growth for up to 15 years.


Building on the 30-year plastic low-noise legacy of the Wavin AS system, the new and improved AS+ solution provides advanced noise reduction in soil and waste systems. The compact design is ideal for small and narrow spaces, a unique material composition delivers sound absorption, whilst a patented blue seal assists in leak and failure-proof installation.


A high-performance pipe designed to make heating systems more sustainable has been introduced by Uponor. Ecoflex VIP Thermo minimises heat and energy losses. It is highly flexible and durable and can be navigated around obstacles or laid across bumpy ground without requiring additional connections.


If you’re working with porcelain tiles, then SikaCeram FlowFix bonding primer and jointing compound system can help keep you on the right path. SikaCeram-62 FlowFix Bonding Primer can be applied by brush or roller to the underside of the paving, it’s ready to use when mixed with just water and is fully cured in 72 hours. SikaCeram-621 FlowFix Jointing Compound is a controlled, cementitious flowable jointing grout.


It doesn’t discolour over time like PVCu and can be over-painted – that’s just two of the reasons that Patchett Joinery is championing wooden sash windows. Not being a sealed unit, they can be replaced in part if they are damaged, which means the homeowner doesn’t need to go to the expense of buying an entire window unit. Moreover, the up and down opening mechanism eliminates the need to stretch over units or furniture to open the window.


Safety and breathability are two priority design features for Klober’s product range. The Permo Air breathable membrane does not require additional ventilation, for example, reducing the risk of condensation in the roof space. Four-layer breathable membranes, such as Permo Forte, which include reinforced grids, offer increased strength and durability during installation, which is particularly advantageous in windy, icy or wet weather.

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