The mission to supply the trades

The mission to supply the trades

Mighton Products’ Mike Derham is on a mission to supply the trades with what they need, when they need it. Professional Builder finds out more.

Tradespeople know exactly what they want from manufacturers but they are equally all too keenly aware that they don’t always get it. When he laid down his joinery tools to form a company that would initially specialise in sash window hardware, Mike Derham was determined to put joiners and installers first. That was in 1983 and today, his firm commands a portfolio that extends to more than 3,000 lines with an emphasis on quality solutions and a service to match.

“We pride ourselves on designing our own products, and that’s something that was established from the outset,” enthuses the Mighton Products Chairman. “I was actually making timber sash windows myself, and I knew firsthand just how difficult it was to source decent hardware, so I set about doing just that.” Mike’s first foray into hardware was in plastic sash pulleys that were consistent in their production and easy to install. We quickly established a loyal customer base amongst joiners, who were asking us for brass and steel options, and the result is a better-looking device, with a muchimproved build quality. That put us on the road to greatly expanding the range and we then developed stronger sash fasteners, as well as spiral or spring balances, lead and steel sash weights, and introduced weatherstripping.

Indeed, Mighton Products is a source for a whole range of hardware, not just in sash windows, but casements, bi-folds, and doors, as well as a high-quality joinery paints offering and the Avia Smart Home system. In each instance, the level of innovation is demonstrated by the patents secured.

The Mighton ethos is to look at what’s on the market already and make it better,” continues Mike. “When we launched our Weatherstrip range, for instance, we went back to the drawing board with it and the result is a very popular product. Suitable for retrofitting or on new sash windows, they can prevent draughts and improve the insulation performance of a window, which is a crucial consideration in our energy conscious age.

Moreover, Mighton Products has consistently championed safety, a philosophy that was demonstrated by the introduction of the Angel Ventlock child safety window restrictor in 2008. Shockingly, more than 4,000 children fall from open windows every year, with many of the accidents entirely preventable. The Mighton Products patented answer is a lock that children under 5 can’t open but, because it doesn’t interfere with the normal function of the window, is simple and easy for anyone else to access. Everything operates automatically so you don’t even have to re-engage the Angel Ventlock after it’s been opened.

It’s these innovations that have allowed Mighton Products to command an international reach. In the US, for example, child safety window restrictors – such as the Angel Ventlock – are stipulated in building regulations, whilst European window manufacturers – who are themselves supplying the UK – are specifying increasing amounts of hardware.   

For UK customers, the company promises next day delivery on all orders, with free delivery for orders over £95. Trade accounts are available as well as full technical support.

“I know from my own experience as a joiner that not being able to source a product when you need it can really hold up a project,” reveals Mike. “When we started Mighton Products we wanted to establish a reputation for reliability of service and that’s what we have in place. There was a time when tradespeople could be waiting two or three weeks for the likes of spring balances, but that’s certainly not the case with us.

One of the more recent additions to the portfolio is a complete joinery paints offering, for both exterior and interior applications.

“Our sealers and primers have proved to be very successful,” explains Mike, “and are suitable for exterior doors, cladding, furniture and more. The water-based finished coatings now include our Decorata Wall Paint range and one of the real benefits – which applies to our Joinery Paint as well – is that our unique colour matching service delivers an almost unlimited colour palette for our customers to choose from. They flow like solvent-based solutions but, being water-based, are more environmentally and user friendly, and can also be supplied for next day delivery.

It’s not just in environmental terms that Mighton Products is embracing modern living either, because the company has entered the brave new world of connected, digital technologies. The Avia Smart Home collection includes the Avia Secure Smart Lock, where raising the handle automatically engages the multipoint hooks and locks the door. Thanks to intelligent sensors, the status of any of the locks on your doors or windows can be viewed on your smartphone.

The entire system is Apple Home Kit compliant, which means that interior and exterior lights can be controlled and triggered, and you can allow tradespeople or other visitors to access your property remotely. The range also features an Avia Secure Casement Window Handle, Avia Smart PIR Sensor, Smart Sash Fastener and Smart Door/Window Sensor.

“The principle behind our product range, and the service that supports it, is to provide maximum choice and support for the trades,” concludes Mike. “I want our customers to be treated in the way that I would like to have been when I was a joiner making sash windows.”

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