Tibby Singh is sticking with Everbuild’s EB25

Tibby Singh is sticking with Everbuild’s EB25

Given that there are so many to choose from these days, selecting sealants and adhesives can be confusing. Personally, I like to stick to one because if it’s not broken why fix it? Everbuild is a trusted brand that produces over 55 million cartridges a year, along with a range of PVAs, wood adhesives, fillers and building chemicals. To add to this wide range of products, the company has fittingly added a new product called EB25 The Ultimate Sealant & Adhesive to celebrate its 25th year. The silver lining to this anniversary is that the manufacturer has gifted us a product that is both a sealant and an adhesive.

On the particular job I was working on, I needed to fill a gap between the plasterboard ceiling and the exposed brick wall. It was imperative to achieve a seamless finish, so I was reluctant to try a product that I’ve never used before, but there were certainly no worries about sealing the deal with EB25.

The consistency is perfect, as it’s not too thick or thin, making it easy to work with. A tip that has stuck with me, is to spray a bit of soapy water along the joint after applying the sealant and then running your finger over it. This results in a nice smooth finish while preventing the sealant from sticking to your finger. Alternatively, Everbuild do produce a couple of accessories to assist with this. Although I’m not usually a big fan of these, their smooth-out tool and a strip-out tool do work very smoothly.

I’ve often found with tubes that claim to be sealants and adhesives that they are good at one or the other, but not both. However, this EB25 is actually just as good when it comes to bonding. You don’t find yourself waiting around holding the material until the adhesive goes off. It creates a bond almost instantly but it does start to skin over within approximately 30 minutes. If it’s a heavy item it’s recommended to clamp or prop it in place until the EB25 cures and, once it does, it is bound like a clamp.

The product has list of other properties that are clearly listed on the tube itself, so you can see quickly if it’s suitable for the job you’re working on. It is both food safe and sanitary certified, making it suitable for food preparation areas, and perfect for sealing showers and baths. Would you believe it even works under water, which I did actually test myself. So, if you need to temporarily repair a leaking gutter, then crack on. In addition, it can be used both indoors and outdoors and is able to withstand extremes temperatures from -40 to +70 Degrees Celsius.

The list of materials it can be used on is endless, there’s low emissions and five different colours available – black, crystal clear, white, grey and anthracite. I did use the EB25 in combination with Everbuild’s own Power Pro Sealant Gun but it would work with any similar tool. To get you out of any sticky situation Everbuild has produced its Multi-Use Wonder Wipes and Multi-Use Wonder Wipes Spray, which can be used with their Paper Glass Wipe Rolls to clean any sealant/adhesive from any surface. Then for your hands they have their Everbuild Citrus Hand Cleaner if required.

For further information on EB25 from Everbuild visit everbuild.co.uk/product/eb25-sealant-adhesive/

Watch- youtube.com/watch?v=vF-ejVYAJ88

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