Quickslide: security and good looks

Quickslide: security and good looks

With dark nights closing in homeowners quite rightly become more conscious of security in their homes…sadly the fact is that burglary – and specifically forced entry – spikes in the winter months for the simple reason that the darker nights provide cover to would-be thieves who are prepared to force their way into our homes.

However, most burglars are opportunists, and the image of a stripey shirted, masked scallywag with a bag full of jemmies and other tools, couldn’t be further from the truth. Possession of burglary tools is an offence in itself and lugging a bag of tools around can slow a would-be burglar down. More often than not these scallies will take advantage of tools that householders leave around, such as ladders, screwdrivers, hammers and crowbars.

Most professional burglars also case their victim’s properties before they attempt a break in and are, therefore, more likely to be deterred by windows and doors that are obviously fitted with effective locks; and the newer the doors and windows then the more likely are they to be up to scratch.

However, in the past specifying high-security locks on new windows and doors could mean a sacrifice in style, as windows, such as box sash replacements and ‘new’ heritage style flush sash frames, could not be specified to the latest ‘PAS24’ certified security specification that assures the most effective resistance to intruders. Now all that has changed…

When your customers demand the latest high security locks for their brand new windows and doors, not only can you promise them security that will keep all but the most determined wolf from getting through the door, advances mean that you no longer have to sacrifice their aesthetic desires to accommodate the toughest security hardware.

For example, a beautiful repro-box sash vertical slider that looks stunning in the setting of a period or mock heritage home, can now enjoy the full benefits of PAS24 certified locks, bringing the ideal combination of elegance and brute strength – beauty and the beast, in fact! And the attention to detail even now extends to fully mechanical joints, adding that extra element of authenticity that customers of this type of home often demand.

PAS24 security can now be effectively applied to window styles that include vertical sliders and the increasingly popular flush sash frames, as well as standard casements and stylish flush sash French doors.

These days, there is no excuse for not specifying the highest standards of security to new windows and doors, including – and perhaps especially – sliding and folding garden doors, which have traditionally provided villains with an easy opportunity to break into properties stealthily. With the latest designs large span doors of all types can be fitted with high security locks, and also laminated glass to provide ultimate resistance to break ins, although most burglars prefer not to make any noise.

These days the cost of fitting ultra-secure hardware and other measures to new doors and windows will be relatively little but your customers will appreciate your concern for their security and welfare when you explain why you recommend fitting PAS24-certified locks. Sticking to this standard ensures the best performance and is easily referenced by your customers with a simple Google search.

And, of course, as always, buying your windows, and all types of doors, from a reputable manufacturer will ensure that you provide the very best for your customers.

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