Hultafors UK introduces the latest tool solutions

Hultafors UK introduces the latest tool solutions

Professional Builder’s Tibby Singh gets carried away with the latest solutions from Hultafors UK

Having an array of tools is impressive but not having something to put them in is inexcusable. For the last few years, I’ve been using Hultafors Tool Buckets for to transport my equipment from site to site, so I was intrigued to get my hands on the newly launched Hultafors Ergonomic Tool Carrier.

The first thing I noticed is the material, which is an extremely durable ballistic polyester – more specifically, 1680 Denier. Denier is a unit of measure that gives a good idea of the strength and durability of a fabric. The higher the number, the thicker and more durable it is. This premium quality is nothing less than what I would expect from Hultafors so, I’m expecting this to serve me well for many years to come.

When compared to my current tool bucket, I didn’t have to dig deep to find whilst the Ergonomic Tool Carrier benefits from no less than 25 pockets and tool holders. This means you can go from organised chaos to being efficiently organised and, being an open toolbox, everything is clearly visible. You can split your tools in different compartments, saving time when finding them, especially those smaller tools you always lose. It even has a separate tape measure holder, so no more excuses for misplaced tapes. 

Don’t worry about loading it up, as it can hold a significant amount, and has been tested to 60kg static weight. The base is appropriately made from a robust mould that protects and prevents the bag from, keeping your tools clean and dry. This bag of tricks contains a rain and dust cover in one of its pockets. That’s a magic touch because there’s always days when I’m trying to cover my tools with my jacket or a black bag, to keep them dry, dust and rust free. So come rain or shine the carrier will come out to play and you don’t need to spend the next day cleaning your toys either. 

It was only when I came to pick the carrier up off the floor, I could understand why Hultafors have called classed it as ergonomic. The back of the carrier is slightly curved, which allows you to keep it close to your body when carrying it, so you can keep your back straight with less straining. With a swivelling, extra-high handle you don’t need to bend over when picking it up off the floor, either. The inclusion of an adjustable shoulder strap with padding is another bonus, providing ease and comfort to those like me, who’ll end up fully loading it up. I’m impressed that every little detail has been thought about when crafting this Hultafors Ergonomic Tool Carrier.

Another new tool that belongs in this tool carrier is the Hultafors Quattro Bevel Square. As a carpenter my most used tools are a square, bevel and angle finder. You’ll be happy to know that this Quattro Bevel Square combines all this and more. You can instantly feel the build quality and the detailed design. The blade can be locked in place for the common increments of 45o, 90o and 135o, 180o, 225o and 270o. However, you can override these fixed positions from the swivel lever to copy or set any angle from 0 to 270 degrees. This is handy especially when doing skirting around walls that are at different angles. Then there’s the incorporation of notches 5mm apart on the blade which can be used to draw lines parallel to the edge of the material. This will save time having to pick up the combination square to do the same job. The blade being engineered from 25cm high strength stainless steel means it’s built to last tough working environments. It’s brilliant for a small tool to have all these capabilities, making it versatile for a variety of tasks, so it’ll always be sat in sight in the carrier at arm’s length and reduces the need to carry multiple tools. 

Another solution that you’ll become attached to is the Hultafors UK Hammer & Tool Holder. As a chippy I always like to have my hammer on me. This will fit belts up to 50mm wide so it will always be within arm’s length. I’ve had a few holders break on me in the past, but you can see this is made to last as it’s manufactured from the same ballistic polyester as the tool carrier, with a metal ring for the holder –which I prefer.

I love the fact that it serves a dual purpose as it has a multipurpose tool pocket built in. So, you can have another tool that you use frequently, such as a retractable knife or chisel, within reach. Hultafors have hit the nail on the head with that feature an with the design and innovation of all three of its latest product releases.

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