Tibby Singh finds the BuckViz Boots are a sight to behold!

Tibby Singh finds the BuckViz Boots are a sight to behold!

Buckler Boots is a relatively young brand that started in 1997 with a blank piece of paper on to which all the short-comings which bedeviled outdoor safety footwear were poured. It’s true that young minds have fresh ideas, as Buckler Boots has proven with the birth of its BuckzViz Boots, which are literally taking safety to the next step.

These are high visibility safety boots which have been sight tested to in excess of 150 metres. Not only is it the first time I’ve seen anything like them, it also has you wondering why it hasn’t been done many moons ago. The concept really spun off from the horrendous stats that have been frequently reported from the Health and Safety Executive regarding accidents and fatalities, particularly on constructions sites where there was moving machinery and sometimes poor visibility. It’s clearly a bright idea so I couldn’t wait to buckle up and get stuck in.

My first thoughts where that they looked chunkier than my usual preference but, when I slipped into them, I didn’t expect them to be as light as they were. One reason is that they’re 100 per cent metal free, but there is a composite toe cap and non-metallic anti penetration midsole to protect you. A common problem with the top of the toe area is they wear quickly, especially from constantly rubbing on the floor whilst on your hands and knees. I’ve even had a steel toe cap fall out on me in the past, but these boots have the added protection of super tough anti-scuff protection on top of the toe.

Moving to the back, a solid and robust protective heel piece wraps around the boot, providing additional support and preventing your heel from twisting. This also means that, when you’re slipping into these boots, they won’t fold in on themselves easily, whilst the slip in heel piece  reduces friction. Speaking of slipping, as you would expect they’re oil and fuel resistant, but also achieve the maximum slip resistance standards, whilst the rubber outsole can withstand heats of 300 degrees for 30 seconds.

These hi-vis fluorescent boots are available in three colour combinations; black leather with hi vis yellow or hi vis orange and brown leather with hi vis orange. They are also waterproof and made from Cordura, one of the toughest man-made fabrics on earth, and already renowned for its use on products such as luggage, backpacks, trousers, and even military wear.

I’d like to add that Buckler Boots also provide a number of complementary accessories – so fill your boots. These include the company’s Footbedz Insoles that give you a supreme soft step by moulding themselves to the contours of your feet, and prevent fatigue when on your feet for long periods. Furthermore, you have the choice of two types of Buckler Socks – Cool Socks to optimise temperature control for all seasons and Cordura Socks with reinforced heel and toe areas. Then there are care products like the Beezwax Leather Spray to improve water resistance and restore colour, as well as a Gel to clean and condition your shoes.

For further information on Buckler Boots visit buckbootz.com/

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