New colour from Rainclear Systems

New colour from Rainclear Systems

Rainclear Systems, a specialist metal rainwater system stockist and online retailer, has added a white to its Infinity galvanised steel rainwater system colour options.

Infinity is designed to be as easy to install, without the need to solder or rivet. Lengths are just as easy to handle and to cut to size without any specialist tools or equipment.

The system is available in plain galvanised steel, which gradually dulls from burnished to dark grey, and in copper, which gradually dulls from burnished, to dark brown and eventually in 20 years to the green/blue patina it is famous for. It is also available in quartz zinc – which will retain its dark grey pre-weathered appearance; and in black, anthracite grey, dusty grey, sepia brown and grey white, which is an off-white shade.

The new RAL 9016M white is expected to be popular with uPVC installers who want to be able to offer their customers a premium option – a longer-lasting, and more sustainable, eco-friendly alternative to buying more plastic.





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