Taking a look at Rainclear’s Aluminium Roof Lantern range

Taking a look at Rainclear’s Aluminium Roof Lantern range

See the light of day with the Rainclear Aluminium Roof Lantern range

First emerging in the Rennaisance, roof lanterns were particularly favoured by the Victorians and continue to shine into the modern era. Indeed, there’s a number of very good reasons why the market is growing. They’re relatively easy to install, for instance, and can represent a good upsell to a client who’s already planning an extension. With artificial lighting accounting for a significant amount of energy usage, the natural light that they provide is a sustainable option, whilst also helping with household bills.

Added to that is the benefits to the well-being of building occupants. Aesthetically, when viewed from the outside, they can be a visually impactful addition to a single storey flat roof extension. At the same time, they work particularly well in large open plan interiors, providing a satisfying amount of space overhead.

In addition, the modern units, such as the Rainclear Aluminium Roof Lantern range, conform to very high thermal performance levels, achieving a low U-Value of 1.3W/m2 K. The aluminium construction of this company’s solutions means that they are manufactured in a fully recyclable material, whilst the slimmer internal rafters of just 38mm makes for more glass, less frame and maximum daylight. All of that conforms to the demands of today’s energy efficiency priorities – and the circular economy – but the design is equally in harmony with conservation and heritage work.

A full range

The rainwater systems supplier already has an extensive customer base, and it envisages that those installers will easily be able to add roof lantern installations to their range of services. Armed with the downloadable guide, any competent general builder should, in fact, be able to follow the simple instructions and complete an installation in just 40 minutes.

So, what’s in the range? In short, a highly customisable portfolio of products that will provide whatever you’d need for any size of job. There are multiple options available in either a 4-pane or multi-pane configurations, for instance. In terms of dimensions there’s six to choose from, each of which are in stock, can be supplied to site in five days, and in one single delivery, including the glass – which, for further ease of installation, is already installed in a bottom frame. The 1.5x1m, 2x1m, 2×1.5m, 2.5×1.5m, 3×1.5m, and 3x2m units are supplemented by the option to specify larger sizes up to 4.5m in length. Any special orders will, of course, entail longer lead times.

The Rainclear Aluminium Roof Lanterns are fully tested to BS6375 for maximum weather performance, and they are, of course, Part L compliant. In terms of glazing ambi-neutral self-cleaning glass is on offer, as well as a choice of a soft neutral tone or a blue, with minimal tint for a natural look. The advanced technology employed – reflecting 60% of the sun’s heat away from the roof space and reducing the sun’s glare by 63% – means end users won’t be subject to the unwelcome conservatory effect of overheating in summer either.

If that’s not enough then an extensive colour palette will help you match window frames and the existing exterior scheme. Single colour options include RAL 9005 Black, RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey, RAL 9910 Satin White, whilst RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey is also a dual colour option. Again, as with larger sizes, other colours can be specially ordered.

For further information on the Rainclear Aluminium Roof Lantern range visit new contemporary aluminium and glass roof lantern from Rainclear Systems.

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