Setcrete Exterior floor levelling compound sees 300% sales growth

Setcrete Exterior floor levelling compound sees 300% sales growth

Setcrete Exterior floor levelling compound has seen year-on-year growth of 300% in leading builders’ merchants, driven by consumer demand to reinvigorate outside spaces during the coronavirus lockdown.

Used to prepare patio areas and other outdoor spaces prior to the installation of floor coverings such as porcelain tiles – popular for creating a continuous ‘outside-inside’ flooring solution for areas connected by bi-fold or sliding doors – and for creating a wearcoat surface in garages and garden outbuildings, Setcrete Exterior offers a quick and easy way to smooth and level rough, worn or mechanically-damaged concrete or sand/cement screeds.

The resulting base provides the perfect platform on which to lay tiles to optimise the finished aesthetics or it can be left uncovered as a standalone wearing surface or painted over, with a suitable floor paint, for example, in converting a garage into a gym.

It’s advanced, water-mix formulation makes the product quick and easy to apply, providing a surface that is ‘walk on hard’ from two hours after application. When set and cured, is unaffected by rain or frost.

Due to its moisture tolerant properties, Setcrete Exterior can be used internally over damp, uneven concrete and sand/cement screeds prior to the application of Setcrete Rapid Set DPM.

Commenting on the product’s increasing popularity, Setcrete Brand Manager Peter Wilson said: “Setcrete Exterior is an easy-to-use floor levelling compound that delivers an ultra-smooth finish in a short timescale and, importantly, is designed to withstand the varying climatic changes we experience throughout the year.

“There is no doubt that people have been motivated to upgrade and improve their outside spaces during the lockdown period, as well as looking at how they can optimise their use of semi-external areas such as garages.

“Once builders have used the product, they instantly see its benefits; so repeat purchases and word of mouth, along with a sustained promotional campaign, have been a factor behind Setcrete Exterior’s rise in popularity.”

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