Professional Builder Live! Easier Door Handle Fitting with JigTech

Professional Builder Live! Easier Door Handle Fitting with JigTech

Dale Hardware asserts that its new Jigtech system will present tradesmen with a time-saving way of fitting doors handles, and the company is using our Professional Builder Live show at Harrogate, June 13th-14th, as a perfect platform to show it off!

Time is money — it is an old saying, but as any tradesperson knows, saving time on any aspect of a project, whether large or small, can be a critical factor in delivering a successful, and profitable, job.

Door hardware installation is one area where the savings can add up and one specialist supplier — which has been in the market for over 25 years — has launched a system that it believes will cut door hardware fitting time from over 25 minutes as standard to under five minutes.

The reduction equates to a more than 80% time saving, so if you are working on a project that involves fitting seven internal doors then a saving of over two hours would certainly be welcomed.

Fancy coming to Professional Builder Live at Harrogate June 13th-14th and seeing if you can set a new record for fitting a latch? There could be a prize in it for you if you do…

‘Jigtech’ is the name of the new door handle and latch fitting system designed and developed by Dale Hardware, a leading distributor of architectural ironmongery and builders door hardware. The range uses a specially designed system of a Jig, door furniture, latch, a spacer that links the latch and handles together, and compatible keeps.

To fit the hardware the installer need only measure once for where they want to fit the handle and then use the Jig — which acts as a guide for the holesaws — to create what the company calls a “fail-safe method of producing perfect latch and handle boreholes”.

The auto-centering feature of the Jig means there’s no need to measure and mark out the position of the handle and latch hole as the Jig does it for you. There is also a pre-marked spade bit depth gauge, to enable the installer to drill the keep accurately.

The Jig has a backset adjuster to allow both 45mm and 57mm boreholes to accommodate a variety of latch and door handles.



1. Clamp jig to door
Wedge the door open securely. Measure the latch height position and set the backset adjuster. Clamp the jig to the door.


2. Drill through side of door
Using the 44mm arbour and holesaw, drill through the face of the door from the guide side until the bit exits the timber on the opposite side. Switch sides and use the exit point as the guide to continue drilling. Remove the core. Using the 22mm or 25mm holesaw and arbor, drill the latch hole in the edge of the door. Remove the core and any debris.


3. Keep Installation
Place the keep locator in the latch bore. Close the door in the frame. Using a screw driver push the keep locator into the frame to create a centre mark for the keep to be drilled. Fit the keep with the 32mm spade bit.


4. Insert Latch
Place the plastic spacer in the latch bore hole. Ensure the latch bolt is aligned in the vertical position. Push the latch in by hand. Use the latch tapper to locate the latch flush with the door edge.


5. Attach Handles
Push the fixing lugs of the door furniture through the spacer. Locate and secure the remaining half set with the machine screws provided. Tighten grub screws and adjust latch handing.

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