Marley Eternit: Cedral Select National Network

Marley Eternit: Cedral Select National Network

Marley Eternit’s Cedral Select is a new national network of recognised Cedral installers.

Investment in the construction or refurbishment of a property is one of the largest financial commitments homeowners can make. Due to the importance of this investment, property owners will look to use the most reliable builders or contractors possible to undertake the work.

One way a firm’s reliability can be measured is by its reputation. A builder’s reputation can be built via word-of-mouth, so having a consistent approach to high work standards and outstanding customer service is essential in such a competitive industry.

Another important factor when considering a builder’s reputation is whether they are a member of a recognised scheme or hold any professional credentials.

fdAn accreditation from a leading institution, such as the National House Building Council (NHBC) or The Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB), or specific product training from industry experts can boost the standing of a company and its employees.

Joining a recognised scheme can offer a number of benefits to builders and contractors:

Enhanced business opportunities

Being part of a recognised building or training scheme can help to promote a builder’s business, potentially helping them to extend their customer reach and source new customers.

Specialist expertise

In addition to recognised building schemes, builders can also approach industry experts. With so many building projects now regulated and code-specific, builders and contractors with expert skills and knowledge are becoming more and more sought after.

These niche building schemes allow contractors to hone individual abilities and become experts in their chosen fields, enhancing the performance of their business.

Customer peace of mind

When it comes to the construction or refurbishment of a property, homeowners look for three things: to save time, to save money and the confidence that they are using a builder or contractor that has the necessary skills to complete the job to a high standard.

To ensure customers receive high levels of service and support, Marley Eternit are launching Cedral Select, a national network of recognised Cedral installers.

Each installer has received training on the correct installation of both Cedral Lap and Cedral Click fibre cement cladding ranges, as well as being audited on the use of each product on previous and current building projects.

Being a recognised Cedral installer not only offers access to potential new customers, but also provides advice and technical support on product developments, building regulations and the latest code compliance.

To register your interest in becoming a Cedral Select Installer, e-mail your name, contact details and business name to


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