Is the time right to expand your business?

Is the time right to expand your business?

If you’re a sole trader wanting to grow your business, you have probably considered taking on a member of staff – particularly when the phone doesn’t stop ringing.

Or maybe you regularly work with a subcontractor and have wondered whether to take them on full time. Whatever position you’re in, you’ll want to check out the highlights form last night’s #TradesTalk Twitter chat, which covered the topic of expanding your building trades business and taking on staff.

Here is our round-up of the best bits.

The first question asked what people thought might stand in the way of becoming an employer – admin and pension issues were both popular answers.

Then the conversation moved on to sources of information for those wishing to hire someone.

The next question was about recruitment and how you could find the right tradesperson for your business.

The next question was aimed at those who had already expanded, and possibly downsized again, a chance to hear their experiences.

Then the #TradesTalk community discussed outsourcing, rather than taking on staff.

The final question was about interview questions and using good ones to identify great potential employees.

#TradesTalk takes place on Twitter every Tuesday from 8-9pm, discussing everything from tools to paperwork.

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