Training for the trades

Training for the trades

This week’s #TradesTalk chat on Twitter was on the subject of training and was co-hosted by Conex Bänninger.

As usual, there was a lively discussion with a mix of trades talking about the benefits of training and how to get the most our of any course undertaken.

You can search the hashtag to find out more about #TradesTalk, and here is our round-up of the best bits from this week’s chat.

The first question simply asked what training had been done this year.

The second question looked at the preferred method of training.

Then the conversation moved on to making the time for learning new skills.

Then the #TradesTalk community talked about having training for specific types of job.

What type of training could manufacturers provide?

Then the final question looked at what advice the trades would give to their fellow trades who are considering taking some training.

#TradesTalk takes place every Tuesday evening on Twitter from 8-9pm.

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