Choosing the correct adhesive for a long-lasting finish

Choosing the correct adhesive for a long-lasting finish

Andrew Scanlon, Applications Manager at Sika Everbuild, explains how taking the time to determine which type of adhesive suits each task will result in a better, more secure, long-lasting finish.

As with many building products the key to determining the best adhesive for the job is to first check your substrate or substrates, if you’re bonding two different materials. Whether you’re working with metal, wood, brick, concrete, stone, ceramic, tiles, plastic or glass or a combination of these, there’s a specialist adhesive designed to provide the perfect solution.

The material properties of the substrate, such as its porosity or how likely it is to expand or contract in different temperatures, will affect which adhesive you should use. That’s why it’s always worthwhile doing a quick check of the label before you start to make sure the adhesive you’re using will create the long-lasting bond between the substrates you’re working with.

The next consideration is the surroundings or the wider environment. It goes without saying that if you’re working on an exterior project, which is likely to be exposed to the weather you’ll need to make sure any adhesives applied won’t weaken on exposure to UV rays, extremes of hot or cold temperatures or rain. Similarly, if you’re applying a product in a bathroom or kitchen area where it’s going to potentially come into contact with water and damp, then it’s wise to look for a product that has inbuilt mould resistance. While for those areas which may be subject to intensive cleaning, products which will withstand chemicals are a must, otherwise the adhesive can wear away on exposure to harsh chemicals.

And lastly think stress – just how much stress do you expect the bond to be put under? If it’s supporting a lot of weight including another structure or its own weight – then choose carefully and go for strength to make sure the bond between substrates will hold fast.

Dual purpose products

You’ll have noticed that in recent years there have been more so-called ‘hybrid’ products coming onto the market. These offer the benefits of both an adhesive and sealant in one handy product. This is a gamechanger, reducing the number of specialist adhesives and sealants required to complete different tasks on any given project.

Most hybrid products, including Sika Everbuild’s EB25, are manufactured using the latest polymer technology which allows them to offer the super strength of an adhesive with the flexible filling qualities of a sealant. Hybrid products can help to take the guesswork out of finding the right adhesive for each task as this one product can be used just as effectively on a variety of different substrates. EB25 for example, can seal or bond virtually any material both inside and out and even underwater.

Additional benefits

Another advantage to using certain hybrid sealants and adhesives is that they are formulated to be better for the environment due to their low level of VOCs. Sika Everbuild’s EB25 is one such example and even carries the EC1Plus badge to give you the reassurance that you’re making a more sustainable choice.

Many adhesives are available in a range of standard colours but it’s generally worth opting for a clear adhesive if it’s likely to be visible. With five colours including black, white, grey, anthracite as well as clear to choose from, EB25 provides the perfect match for any project. What’s more, for extra peace of mind, its formula also benefits from UV protection which means it won’t yellow over time.

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