Bond It launches easy-to-use Superhero range

Bond It launches easy-to-use Superhero range

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s the superhero range from Bond It.  

We’ve all heard the saying the ‘devil is in the detail. Arguably, nowhere does this carry more truth than when it comes to decorating and other commonplace repair and renewal work. If you want to achieve an exceptional finish, you need to make an exceptional start and it’s here that Bond It can help. 

The Britishbased manufacturer of sealants, adhesives and building chemicals has drawn on its decades of experience and strong tracked record of innovation to develop a number of niche products that are quick and easy to use, highly versatile and that deliver exceptional results 

Whether you’re looking for a dependable choice with ‘fit and forget’ capabilities or you need something with the added kapow to tackle a particularly thorny challenge, you’ll want these products in your corner. In fact, it’s small wonder why Bond It has called them its Superhero range.  

Bond it Superhero range

An adhesive with superpowers 

The Bond It Superhero range includes INCREDIBOND – an adhesive that definitely lives up to its name.  

INCREDIBOND can stick almost anything to anythingexplains Kirstie Cooper, Marketing Manager at Bond It. “Suitable for both exterior and interior use, it offers exceptional adhesion to most building materials including timber, engineered wood, concrete, plaster, mortar, ceramic, metal, and uPVC and most other plastics. It is perfectly suited to a whole multitude of pre-decoration jobs such as fixing skirting boards, dado rails, coving, architraves and polystyrene mouldings.

Solvent-free, instant grab and fibre-reinforced, the product offers such high strength that it can be used as an alternative to screws and nails. “In many cases, it can be a better option than mechanical fixing methods” says Kirstie, saving time and energy, whilst also being less destructive. 

THE ONE – and only

Another notable product that forms part of Bond It’s Superhero lineup is THE ONE. 

Like INCREDIBOND, the name is taken from this solution’s biggest benefit. Namely, it’s the one and only silicone sealant you’ll need for an enormous variety of jobs. 

“THE ONE offers remarkable versatility,” comments Kirstie. “It can be used to replace all other silicones and is ideally suited to most applications. This includes sealing around sanitaryware, uPVC window frames, concrete, plaster, metalwork, mirrors, glass and laminated safety glass.”

As a neutral cure silicone sealant, it is low odour and does not release acid as it goes off. This means it can be safely used on porous surfaces such as natural stone including marble, granite and travertine. 

THE ONE is also low modulus giving it greater flexibility. Further benefits include the ability to the withstand high temperatures of up to 220°C and the incorporation of a powerful fungicide to prevent mould growth.  


Sticking with the subject of mould, XTREME is Bond It’s Superhero solution for use in high humidity environments like bathrooms and kitchens as well as other areas where hygiene levels are critical. 

“If you want a silicone that can protect against mould, mildew and bacterial build-up for a decade or longer, then this is the product for you,” states Kirstie.It employs a potent biocide which stops unsightly fungal growth and that prevents discolouration. It is also flexible and remains permanently waterproof.” 

Excellent adhesion is achieved to enamel, tiles, glazed ceramic, glass, polycarbonate glass (Plexiglass), acrylics and stainless steel. When combined with a primer, it can also be used on wood, aluminium, chrome, concrete, brick and plastic.  

“Bond It already offers a wide array of products that have become incredibly popular amongst professional users,” remarks Kirstie,but that doesn’t mean we’re about to rest on our laurels. Instead, we remain committed to developing new products and to enhancing existing ones to ensure ever-evolving benefits for our customers. The development of our Superhero range reflects that.

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