EGGER UK introduces new cap for Joint & Joist Adhesive

EGGER UK introduces new cap for Joint & Joist Adhesive

EGGER UK is introducing a new twist action cap for its Joint & Joist Adhesive, to provide an easier and more precise application, whilst reducing glue wastage.

EGGER’s Joint & Joist Adhesive is used for bonding board joints, bonding boards to joists and sealing edges of EGGER particleboards. It must be used as part of EGGER’s Advanced Structural Flooring System for housebuilders to receive the manufacturer’s Lifetime Guarantee. Having been on the market for several years, EGGER has listened to customer feedback and has implemented changes to the cap to improve the adhesive application.

The new twist action cap has been designed to achieve a perfect 5mm bead of adhesive on joints, whilst the size of the cap allows adhesive to reach directly into the groove and shoulder of EGGER’s tongue and groove joints.

Scott Wolters, Building Products Sales Manager at EGGER (UK) Ltd commented on the new twist action cap, saying: “At EGGER, we’re always looking for ways to improve our products based on the feedback we receive from our customers, and this new cap is a direct result of those efforts.

“Not only does the twist action cap provide fitters with a more precise and efficient way to apply the adhesive, but it also allows them to reseal their adhesive bottles. This will help to keep waste to a minimum and enable the glue to be preserved between projects. Additionally, the new cap is unblockable as it pushes excess adhesive out, allowing for reuse.”

When used correctly, EGGER’s Joint & Joist Adhesive prevents moisture ingress, can help to meet 43 dB sound test requirements and doesn’t require expensive application tools. What’s more, when used with EGGER’s structural floorboards and fitting guide, the system is covered by EGGER’s unique Lifetime Guarantee. This guarantee ensures that the structural flooring boards will perform in their designed use, for a lifetime.

EGGER’s new adhesive bottles have begun circulating this month. However, customers should be aware that there will be a transitional period whilst all existing stock is replaced with the updated version

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