Guiding conversations in the Green Homes Grant

Guiding conversations in the Green Homes Grant

With the Green Homes Grant on the radar for many households, homeowners across England will be considering energy efficiency upgrades and will be turning to builders for guidance on how to make the most of the voucher scheme.

As part of a government initiative to reduce carbon emissions, the Green Homes Grant is providing homeowners with the opportunity to make primary and secondary upgrades to their homes and receive a voucher towards a percentage, or the full amount of the work.

As registered TrustMark installers are certified to carry out upgrades under the Green Homes Grant, how can you guide your clients to use the grant to maximum advantage and increase sales and overall reputation in the process?

Introducing the ROCKWOOL Guide to Green Homes Grant

Knowing how the grant works and what homeowners are eligible for will help when engaging in conversations. ROCKWOOL has developed a Guide to Green Homes Grant which gives homeowners advice and top tips on how to make their dream homes, green homes.

But, what does this mean for builders?

Builders can use this guide as an opportunity to share information, guide decision making and give overall assurance on the potential impact the work could have on the home. It can also help to support the ‘quality over cost’ idiom by demonstrating the value proposition of premium products. Here’s how:

Informing decision making

  • Providing detailed information on how the measures in the Green Homes Grant work, the Guide also clearly notes the importance of carefully concentrating spend on primary measures as this cannot be exceeded in secondary.

Not all products are the same

  • Highlighting the speed and ease of implementation as well as the effectiveness of loft insulation, homeowners are also given an insight into the importance of picking a premium product when it comes to insulation.

Particularly stone wool, the material can make clients’ homes safer, warmer and quieter, without any extra effort.

Helping you stand out

  • Giving your clients the information and support needed to come to an informed decision will not only deliver value for money, it can also create a competitive advantage.

Supporting customers to make product decisions that not only meet the requirements of the Green Homes Grant but also exceed their expectations by adding value will also help to generate sales and boost reputation.

Get ahead in the Green Homes Grant with ROCKWOOL. To find out more about how ROCKWOOL is supporting registered TrustMark installers during the Grant, please visit

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