ROCKWOOL Introduces Green Homes Grant App

ROCKWOOL Introduces Green Homes Grant App

Designed to guide installers through everything they need to know about getting the most out of the scheme, ROCKWOOL has recently launched its Green Homes Grant App.

Available on the App Store, Google Play and via web browser, the app brings together all things Green Homes Grant, making it easy to navigate and recognise how to make the most of the government grant.

As part of a wider government scheme to reduce carbon emissions, the Green Homes Grant is giving 600,000 homeowners in England a chance to make effective energy efficiency upgrades to their homes. Presenting a huge opportunity for TrustMark installers, the scheme provides a voucher for part of, or the total amount of work completed to help cover costs of projects that will enhance energy efficiency.

Taking builders through the ins and outs of the scheme itself, as well as offering an in-depth understanding of the primary and secondary measures, the app supports installers to make the right product choices, not only for customers but also to add value and improve overall reputation.

Helping to save time with the materials calculator, the app has been developed to help builders to get ahead in the Green Homes Grant. With valuable installation guidelines at the touch of a button and lists of stockists holding the Trade Insulation Range, ROCKWOOL has made it easier than ever to utilise its products for Green Homes Grant projects.

To find out more information about how ROCKWOOL can add value to Green Homes Grant projects by making homes safer, warmer and quieter, and to download the app, please visit

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