Work fast with ThistlePro FastSet Finish

Work fast with ThistlePro FastSet Finish

When your profession is in high demand, booking in a full day’s work, keeping customers happy and still getting home at a reasonable time can be difficult to juggle.

For plasterers, balancing time is essential, but in the pursuit of speed, some look to increase their efficiency for small repair and patching jobs by turning to off-the-shelf ‘accelerator’ sachet packets in powder form that can be added to finishing plaster to create quicker drying times.  

Even homemade remedies are being used, such as adding cement, and dirty or warm water. However, such methods can invalidate product warranties, especially for British Gypsum, as they have not been tested by them and are not standardised.  

It is why British Gypsum produced ThistlePro FastSet Finish, as this quicker setting finishing plaster provides an all-in-one bag that removes the gamble of adding unapproved accelerators or additives. One 25kg bag will cover approximately 10m² and set in 60-70 minutes when used in accordance with the installation guidance.  

When using the same mix for the first and second coats, working in normal temperatures, British Gypsum’s on-site trials have shown the product will set at approximately 60 minutes when being applied to wallboard. The final trowel will be around the 70minute mark. Onsite practices can vary, and finishing times are reduced by suction and temperature conditions. 

The product gives a smooth finish and is ideal for patch work and repair jobs as well as smaller internal walls and ceilings, electrical patching, chimney breasts etc. and provides a durable base for applying decorative finishes. In comparison, Thistle MultiFinish plaster takes between 90 to 120 minutes to set and can create a lot of waiting around for smaller jobs. 

British Gypsum decided to ask Certified Plasterers, a group of experienced plasterers who have been in the trade for many years and have had their work assessed at one of British Gypsum’s training academies, what they really thought about ThistlePro FastSet Finish. 

A survey was sent out asking a set of questions including:  

  • How often do you use ThistlePro FastSet Finish? 
  • What jobs do you find suitable for the use of ThistlePro FastSet Finish? 
  • How would you rate the product’s performance? 
  • Has anything changed about how you work, day-to-day, now that you use this product?  
  • Does it really save you time? If so, what benefits has that brought to you?  
  • How likely are you to recommend this product to others? 
  • Do you think the product is good value for money?  

The majority said they either used the product weekly or monthly and it was especially useful for patching, small walls, ceilings, electrical chases, small and ‘on the way home’ jobs.  

The majority of the surveyed plasterers rated the product’s performance as excellent and also felt the product provided good value for money. Most agreed that it had improved their day-to-day work life, as smaller jobs were completed more quickly.

Many stated that they were able to fit in extra jobs on the way home or on a weekend, and have earlier finishes with less time waiting around, while smaller projects were quick and easy to complete. Using the right product, in the right way, for the right job can help to make life’s juggling act a little more straightforward.

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