Cutting carbon with electric arc furnace steelmaking

Cutting carbon with electric arc furnace steelmaking

High-performance drylining solutions provider British Gypsum is bringing metal profiles with lower embodied carbon to market. 

British Gypsum, part of Saint-Gobain Interior Solutions, is working closely with suppliers to deliver metal profiles manufactured from steel with lower embodied carbon under its Gypframe metal profiles range. 

Branded Gypframe Carbon Low metal profiles, the new product is made from steel manufactured using an electric arc furnace rather than a blast furnace. They have been proven to perform the same as British Gypsum’s existing Gypframe metal profiles but have up to 58% less embodied carbon over the whole product life cycle versus British Gypsum’s standard metal profiles. 

Charles Morris, Head of Framing and Systems at Saint-Gobain Interior Solutions, said: “We are focussed on net zero carbon and want to help our customers achieve their goals as well, so this product targets the impact of Scope 3 carbon emissions as well as contributing towards BREEAM and LEED points.

“Our Gypframe metal profiles are well established in the market, however, we have taken an innovative approach to now provide a version with lower embodied carbon which has the same grade material, is made through the same process, has the same dimensions, and was tested in the same way; so it looks, feels and performs like any other Gypframe metal profile. The profiles with lower embodied carbon will be printed Carbon Low to distinguish them from standard profiles.

“We are very excited by this development, but it is just one part of a wide range of activities to reduce carbon emissions across our production portfolio as we are committed to achieving net zero carbon by 2050.”

Using an electric arc furnace means Gypframe Carbon Low metal profiles embodied carbon, compared with current Gypframe metal profiles, is reduced by up to 58%* over the whole product life cycle. 

Testing for the product was carried out at an independent UKAS-accredited test centre and includes fire and acoustic test data. 

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