Advertisement Feature: British Gypsum’s ThistlePro® FastSet Finish

Advertisement Feature: British Gypsum’s ThistlePro® FastSet Finish

Speed, quality and efficiency are always the main drivers when it comes to keeping a customer happy but for a plasterer there is the added task of fitting several jobs into a busy schedule whilst still maintaining a healthy work / life balance.

Plasterers are one of the most in demand trades, which is great for business, but does that make them burnt out trying to keep up with demand? And are they turning down smaller jobs that aren’t profitable because they involve too much waiting around?

In this article, Ashley Wright, Head of Finish at British Gypsum, discusses the importance of using the right product, in the right way, to get the right results.

There is a saying that ‘time is money’ and for plasterers this is especially true as small patch and repair jobs can sometimes put a spanner in the works as precious time slips away waiting for the plaster to set.

Thistle MultiFinish takes between 90 to 120 minutes to set and while it’s the right product for larger areas, for smaller ones it can create a lot of waiting around.

In the pursuit of speed, some plasterers look to increase their efficiency for small repair and patching jobs by turning to off-the-shelf ‘accelerator’ sachet packets in powder form that can be added to finishing plaster to create quicker drying times.

ThistlePro® FastSet Finish

Even homemade remedies are being used, such as adding cement, and dirty or warm water. However, such methods can invalidate product warranties, especially for British Gypsum, as they have not been tested by them and are not standardised.

It means there is a need to balance speed and efficiency with quality, prompting British Gypsum to produce ThistlePro® FastSet Finish. This quicker setting finishing plaster provides an all-in-one bag that removes the gamble of adding unapproved accelerators or additives.

It finishes in half the time of Thistle MultiFinish plaster and gives a smooth finish, ideal for patch work and repair jobs as well as smaller internal walls and ceilings, electrical patching, chimney breasts etc. and provides a durable base for applying decorative finishes.

One 25kg bag of ThistlePro® FastSet Finish will cover approximately 10m2 and set in 60-70 minutes when used in accordance with the installation guidance. On site practices can vary, and finishing times are reduced by suction and extended by cold weather conditions.

There is no need for additives, so the British Gypsum product guarantee applies, meaning in the unlikely event of a product failure, it will be repaired or replaced by British Gypsum, giving peace of mind.

British Gypsum runs a Certified Plasterer Scheme, a group of experienced and established plasterers who have been in the trade for many years and have had their work assessed at one of British Gypsum’s training academies.

They were asked for their views on ThistlePro® FastSet Finish and whether it brought any meaningful benefit to their working lives.

When asked what types of job they used it for, the majority said patching, small walls, ceilings, electrical chases, small and ‘on the way home’ jobs. However, it is worth noting that this fast setting plaster will not suit all jobs, especially if it is larger than 15m2 as it will start to set too quickly for a good finish.

Time Saving

The plasterers also agreed that the product had improved their day-to-day work life, as smaller jobs were completed more quickly, meaning it saved time and was more efficient. Many stated that they were able to fit in extra jobs on the way home or on a weekend, and have earlier finishes with less time waiting around. Overall, it meant more jobs could be completed in a day.

The need to fit in jobs while meeting customer deadlines and expectations can be a juggling act, but it cannot be done at the expense of quality. Using the right product in the right way means that a plasterer can tick off all three requirements; speed, quality and efficiency whilst also freeing up extra time for themselves.

For further technical information on ThistlePro® FastSet Finish and its application, please visit the British Gypsum website at British Gypsum: The UK’s Top Manufacturer of Interior Lining Systems | British Gypsum (

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