A Q&A on Artex rebranding as Okarno

A Q&A on Artex rebranding as Okarno

This year, a new era is dawning for sustainable supply chains in the construction industry, as distributor Artex rebrands as Okarno. 

This new development signifies the company’s commitment to providing innovative and sustainable supply chain solutions, tailored to the needs of customers of all sizes. 

We catch up with Jason Smith, Managing Director of Okarno, as he shares the company’s vision:

Q. What can you tell us about the rebrand? 

Jason Smith (JS): Our rebrand marks a significant shift in the company’s identity, reflecting our ability to provide unique, sustainable supply chain solutions. Our aim is to consolidate our position as a trusted partner within the industry, whilst opening up new opportunities for both our customers and Okarno.  

With a continued focus on customer service excellence and a dedication to environmental sustainability, we are confident that we will continue to reshape customer supply chains. 

Q. Who are Okarno’s customer base?  

JS: We supply to customers of all shapes and sizes, in the merchant, decorator centre and large retail sector.  

Q. Why has Artex taken the decision to rebrand? 

JS: It came about from a desire for our brand to truly reflect our purpose and offerings. By moving away from the legacy perception of what Artex products do, Okarno establishes a clear and accurate representation of how we have evolved into a leading distributor of some of the UK’s best known construction brands. 

Q. Why was the Okarno name chosen? 

JS: With our strapline of ‘There are no others like us’ [arno] and simply prefixing this with ‘customers are better than [ok] with us’, created what we feel is a perfect brand message: Okarno. Simple and effective! 

From this universal, adaptable, interchangeable message, we’ve created a brand that conveys our common sense of purpose, energy, and enthusiasm. 

Q. Is sustainability important to Okarno? 

JS: As part of the Saint-Gobain group, Okarno is fully committed to sustainability and aims to become a net-zero carbon business by 2050. We incorporate sustainable practices into our operations and so can help customers minimise their environmental footprint and contribute to a greener future.  

Q. How do you see the Okarno brand developing? 

JS: The rebrand not only reflects our current offerings but also paves the way for future growth and innovation. By establishing a strong brand presence and differentiating ourselves from the Artex product brands, we aim to seize new opportunities and penetrate untapped markets.  

Watch this space for new product additions! 

Q. What message would you like to convey to customers? 

JS: While the name may have changed, Okarno remains dedicated to its customers and their needs. We are the same great business, service, and people that customers have come to rely on.  

Q. What makes Okarno different? 

JS: With nearly 90 years of experience in the industry, Okarno is built on a solid foundation of knowledge and expertise. During that time we’ve evolved from a manufacturer of textured finish to a trusted supply chain partner for leading construction product brands.  

Q. What will happen to the Artex brand? 

JS: The Artex brand itself will continue to be an integral part of our product portfolio. Artex products are well known for their quality and reliability, and will still be listed within our catalogue, ensuring that customers can continue to access them. 

Q. What is the Okarno brand vision? 

JS: The vision is clear: to be the brand and business that people want to partner with and work for. By offering unparalleled customer service, sustainable supply chain solutions, and innovative products, we aim to lead the industry, setting new standards for excellence and driving positive change.  

Ex-England footballer, Teddy Sheringham was a guest at the Okarno internal launch event

Q. How are you informing customers about the rebrand? 

JS: We are using various channels to inform people, including social media, email communications, direct mail, and face-to-face interactions. Our new website went live in January, providing an essential hub for customers to explore products and services.

The vision is clear: to be the industry leader, setting new standards for excellence and driving positive change through unparalleled customer service, sustainable solutions, and innovative products.

To find out more about Okarno and how its unique, sustainable supply chain partnerships can benefit your business, visit: Home page | Okarno.

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