PDA welcomes apprenticeship support

PDA welcomes apprenticeship support

The Chief Executive of the Painting and Decorating Association (PDA) has welcomed government action on boosting apprenticeships. 

The PDA is the UK’s largest trade body for professional painters and decorators, and hosts two nationwide competitions each year that showcase the precision and skill required of apprentices in the sector. 

A new package of support announced today by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, includes £60m designed to provide up to 20,000 apprenticeships for young people. 

PDA Chief Executive, Neil Ogilvie, said: “The value of apprenticeships is well recognised by the painting and decorating trade, with many of our larger operators having extremely successful schemes already in place. 

“The measures announced today open up opportunities for small-scale painting and decorating businesses to recruit apprentices and reap the benefits that can bring.” 

PDA membership requires traders to be insured and appropriately trained as well as committing to a Code of Conduct that includes providing quality work at a reasonable price. 

The Association’s Apprentice of the Year and Apprentice Paperhanger of the Year competitions attracted record entries in 2023. 

Full details of the measures can be found at: gov.uk 

To find a PDA member near you visit: www.paintingdecoratingassociation.co.uk 

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