Tibby Works with the Easy Air Wedge

Tibby Works with the Easy Air Wedge

It’s always great to have an extra pair of hands on site to help you lift and hold things in place. However budgets are often tight and that privilege doesn’t always exist, making things trickier.

Some may say clamps are another pair of hands, but sometimes there are situations where clamps are as useful as a carpet fitter’s ladders. Stepping up to make life easier is an innovative idea by ‘Easy Innovations’ in the form of their ‘Hedgehog Easy Air Wedge’.

This blow up buddy gives you a lift on the job, but I wanted to know whether it runs out of breathe. One of the most common tasks for me as a carpenter/joiner is fitting door frames and hanging doors. I’ve been doing this for over 13 years, so I’ve probably hung more doors than I’ve knocked on.

I’ve witnessed people using different methods to fit frames and hang doors, such as using crowbars, old chisels and wedging with packers. You can pack all this in now with the Easy Air Wedge.

Its secret weapon is the thin rigid plastic on the inside allowing you to slip it into any tight gap as small as 2mm without it flopping about, then pump away to lift, level and square things. The spread of the wedge is up to 70mm wide.

All this is effortlessly done with just two fingers on the bulb pump to inflate and a release valve to quickly deflate it. It’s carefully considered design allows you to carefully control its height by putting the precision directly into your hands and even feet.

This means you no longer have to worry about the crowbars and chisels slipping and scratching the surface of the door or the packers from falling out when levelling the frame.

Another breath taking fact is that it’s been independently tested to be able to lift and hold 140kg without deflating for an hour. The strength to allow this to happen comes from its Tarpaulin TPU material, so there won’t be problems with it ripping.

This makes it extremely durable for a wedge load of applications both indoors and outdoors, from fitting windows, door frames and doors just to name a few.

I love the versatility of this product as it can be used by many different trades on site and off site in homes and offices too. For example, it’s also perfect to lift, level and adjust white goods, cabinets, office equipment and much more. There is so little to this product so it’s almost unnoticeable in your toolbox, yet ironically it can do so much.

Therefore the Easy Air Wedge has become a toolbox essential for me, as it’s an extra hand on site that you can rely on not to get tired and drop the weight on you. One that won’t need lunch and toilet breaks, one that starts on time and won’t leave early and, of course, it’s one that you won’t have to pay its wages, as it pays for itself.

For further information on the Easy Air Wedge from Easy Innovations click here.

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