Easy-Sill: Alternative to Stone

Easy-Sill: Alternative to Stone

Why should builders consider Easy-Sill as an alternative to cast stone? Professional Builder put the questions to the manufacturer.

Why should I use Easy-Sill?

Easy-Sill is a new decorative window sill technology that provides an alternative to natural stone and cast stone sills, which, although attractive, can come with some drawbacks. They often have long lead times and up to a third of orders are regularly damaged in transit or through on-site handling, which can quickly cause building costs to escalate and deadlines to slip. They are also very heavy, requiring at least two people to fully install.

How many people does it take to install the product?

Light in weight it can be fitted easily by a single person and isn’t as labour intensive as stone.

How long does it take to install?

Unlike cast stone sills, the units do not require extra damp proof course, so installation is a simple task for the bricklayers.

What is it made from?

It is made from Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) so it offers superior durability, thermal stability and is chip resistant. It also provides an increased thermal performance to cast stone.

How many products are in the range?

There are three products that make up the range. This includes:

The Sill: The stone-look sill is lightweight and clips on to the wall opening below the window. Options are available for an extended sill.

Header: The header replicates the look of a traditional lintel and attaches to the brickwork above the window, offering an attractive finish to any home. Straight or diagonal cut headers are available.

String-Course: A continuous stone-look feature course that runs around the outside of the house or across the façade. This makes the horizontal line of the sills look visually more prominent and attractive.

What are the lead times?

Delivery is quick and easy as we have large quantities of stock that is readily available.

Does it have a manufacturer’s warranty?

Yes, all our products come with a one year manufacturer’s structural integrity and colour stability warranty.

Is a specialised installer required to fit Easy-Sill?

No specialised skills are required as it simply clips on to the outer brickwork and can be installed by any competent tradesperson. Please see our installation guide for more details.

What sizes are available?

Easy-Sill is tailor-made to your unique design requirements and can be cut to fit any length.

Can I request a free sample?

Yes. Simply fill in one of the enquiry forms in the contact us section of the website and we will post a sample out.

Is Easy-Sill likely to break?

Because it is made from Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP), it is extremely durable, hard wearing, chip resistant and it is only likely to break if it is being seriously abused.

Will the sill change colour?

The FRP is treated with a UV resistant coating which is guaranteed stable for 10 years in typical UK exposure.

For further information on Easy Sill click here.

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