Thinking about Spring in your back garden? Think about an Aluminium and Glass Veranda!

Thinking about Spring in your back garden? Think about an Aluminium and Glass Veranda!

Rainclear Systems explains the benefits of an Aluminium and Glass Veranda:

Whatever you call them; terrace roof, patio canopy, garden canopy, outdoor canopy, patio cover, French-doors canopy, back door canopy, glass awning, glass patio canopy, or glass garden room  

– make the most of the outdoor areas of your home with an aluminium and glass veranda from Rainclear Systems  

–  contemporary or heritage style,  

–  with glass or polycarbonate roof panels,  

–  open sided or enclosed with your chosen combination of sliding doors  

– for delivery in 15 days 

*Rainclear does not offer installation but do supply comprehensive installation guidance PDFs – so these are ideal for self-builders, as well as renovation projects and DIY  ’do-ups’. 

These UK manufactured verandas and glass garden rooms (*with no foundations or brick-walls required) are perfect for completing outdoor spaces in either a contemporary or a heritage style. 

Available as standard with: 

  • 110 x 110mm aluminium frame with integral drainage  
  • in RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey and RAL9016  White as standard (but other frame colours are also available).  
  • With a choice of laminated safety glass roof panels or polycarbonate (in Opal, Clear or Bronze). 
  • Listed online in a standard range of sizes  from 3 x 3m to 6 x 3m (but other sizes are also available)   
  • The unique Rainclear design means there is no requirement for a centre post on the Verandas up to 5m wide. 
  • With a typical lead time of 2 to 3 weeks and delivery direct from factory to your point of installation.   

*The Rainclear Systems range is designed to be easy to install by competent DIY enthusiasts, saving the additional cost of a builder/contractor 

Rainclear Systems is well known as an online retailer, and the UK’s leading distributor of metal guttering and downpipe products, so you might be surprised to hear that it also supplies these verandas! 

“We are much more than a conventional online stockist; we have a knowledgeable team that can help with product suitability and installation advice.“

Rainclear reached out to its staff and asked them; what they would change about the business; what their vision for our future would be; and what makes them proud to work there?  

The key points from the staff survey were that they knew that they were: 

  • Friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable 
  • Go above and beyond 
  • Good communicators 
  • Take pride in the products and their integrity 

So the company Vision and Values became: 

“Enhancing Builds with Style & Quality + Metal Alternatives for Sustainable Construction” 

It is the long-term aspiration of Rainclear Systems is that it should:  

“Lead the way in sustainable building solutions – by continuously improving quality & choice, expertise, and customer experience.” 

And that the future of the industry should be that: 

“Sustainable building solutions be the industry standard.” 

It decided that it’s not just there to sell gutters – instead the team knows they are: 

  • doing their bit to improve the environment and save the planet by converting what would otherwise be sales of plastic construction products to metal ones; 
  • improving their installer customers’ business success by sharing their expert knowledge; 
  • improving conservation and renovation projects by helping to get high quality heritage (metal) products installed on them; 
  • helping housing associations make affordable housing more affordable by reducing the ongoing maintenance and repair costs (by choosing metal products); 
  • And getting involved in some inspiring ‘Grand Design’ style custom and self builds. 

If you don’t find what you are looking for on the company’s website or have questions, the company asks that you get in touch with its friendly, knowledgeable team for free on 0800 644 44 26, by emailing, or now also by ‘WhatsApp’ing . 

Request a quote, more information, or a phone call to discuss your project.
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Or visit the website to browse and shop the ranges for yourself right now:
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