Deeper aluminium door canopies with integrated drainage

Deeper aluminium door canopies with integrated drainage

Rainclear Systems, the UK’s leading specialists in metal rainwater, roofline, drainage and architectural ranges, have added new variations to the range of aluminium door canopies they sell online! The range now includes canopies with integral drainage, including a deeper 125cm projection for increased protection from the elements with the option of two posts at the front, or one post and a side panel.

If you’re looking for a smart, practical way to enhance the visual appeal of your home, a door canopy might be the answer. These stylish additions to your entryway add a contemporary twist, and work hard to both welcome guests and protect them and your front door from the effects of rain and sunshine.

“We initially added just a few of the options from the huge German made range – to test the water. We thought they would be popular – and we were proved right!

We’ve already been asked if we can supply variations on those initial products; we’ve listened to the feedback and now added the variations available from our exclusive partner to the website.
Anthony Hitchman – MD at Rainclear Systems.  

The two posts door canopy

The BS160 and BS200 with two posts are 90cm deep, as with the rest of the Bauhaus-inspired range. And will still do a great job of protecting your front entryway area. The drainage is integrated into one of the posts, so with rainfall run-off in mind, you’ll need to decide which post – left or right – will be the one to drain the rainwater from the canopy.

This decision will influence how the canopy is made, so do not forget to specify your choice when ordering. There will be a drop-down to select which way the rainwater is collected from the canopy, and into which post – draining into the left-hand or right-hand side/post – before you can add the door canopy to your basket.

In addition to choosing which post the rainwater drains down through, you can choose which way the rainwater exits from that post – Off to the side of the post or off to the front of the property – via the ‘foot’ of the post. A separate component of the post that contains the drainage.

This choice can be made at the installation.

One post and one side panel

BS PLUS canopies can be 160cm, 200cm and 250cm wide, and 90cm or 125cm deep (the BS160/BS200 are 90cm deep and the BS250 is 125cm deep) and come with two posts, or a post and a 125cm-deep (with the BS250) side panel option.

If a side panel is chosen, it needs to be positioned with rainfall run-off in mind (the drainage must be integrated into the side panel and not the post), because of the integral drainage the BS PLUS canopies need to be ordered ‘handed’: in other words, you need to specify whether the rainwater drains on the left or the right-hand-side of the canopy – which will then match the side the panel will be installed on.

This is selectable before adding the product to the shopping basket.

Bespoke widths and waterspout

door canopies

The Bauhaus-style canopies are available to order on the website in 160cm, 200cm and 250cm widths, but to make your front door area even more bespoke, Rainclear introduced an option for made-to-order canopies.

Depending on your design needs, the Bauhaus-inspired aluminium canopies can be made to a variety of widths: ordering the BS250 canopy covers all widths from 201-250cm wide and ordering the BS300 covers all widths from 251-300cm.

You place your order online and tell Rainclear the exact width required in the comments field at the checkout, or they will call after receiving the order to confirm the required width with you.

Both canopies come with integral drainage and a waterspout which you can have exit to the left or the right of the canopy. This is selectable with a dropdown before you add the canopy to the shopping basket.

The ‘Bauhaus style’ canopies are all made to order in RAL7016 Anthracite Grey, so allow 8 weeks delivery.

26 colours and one downpipe

The Finchley aluminium canopies range from Skyline/Alumasc are available in 150, 200 and 250cm widths. These offer drainage via a downpipe and shoe that’s fixed to the building façade with the downpipe clips provided.

If you opt for the Finchley aluminium canopy from Skyline/Alumasc, exclusive to Rainclear, you’ll also receive a downpipe, clips and a shoe in anthracite grey or black – included in the bundle.

Compared to the Richmond and Kensington which were already on the site, these now include drainage via a 63mm outlet at the rear/façade edge of the canopy which must be fabricated on either the left or the right-hand side. Selection of the preferred location of the outlet must be made before adding the product to the basket.

These canopies are made to order in 26 standard RAL colours within 15 days.

Rainclear will call you after you order to confirm the colour you require – or you can input your choice in the comments box at the checkout.

To browse the range and buy the additional door canopy options as well as their metal rainwater, roofline, drainage, and architectural ranges online securely via credit card or PayPal, visit now.

If you have any questions about the door canopies, or if you’re looking for a variant that isn’t listed, please call the friendly, knowledgeable team FREE on 0800 644 44 26, email or search the Resources site for brochures, pricelists, and installation guidance. Rainclear are available 8am-5pm, Mon-Fri, to support you and offer advice on any of their metal rainwater, roofline, drainage and architectural ranges.


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