The value of training: Riding the artificial grass wave

The value of training: Riding the artificial grass wave

Builders can ride the artificial grass wave with Evergreens UK Group and its training provision.

Outdoor living is bigger than ever. Hot tubs, garden bars and outdoor kitchen experiences have popped up in every cul-de-sac and suburb as homeowners have made the most of their home lives. Entertaining on a small or large scale or catching a little garden R&R, the staycation and homeworking phenomenon has polarised the importance of the garden as a valuable extension to the home. This extra dimension has created a new “room”: the garden itself.

Enjoying phenomenal growth on the back of these trends is the artificial grass market, with an ever-clean evergreen artificial lawn the go-to option for those looking to maximise the potential of their gardens for families and pets in a clean, evergreen outdoor living experience, all year round – and with little to no maintenance.

But for every superbly installed premium artificial lawn there are a worrying number of poorly fitted, wrongly specified, sub-standard synthetic spaces liable to fail and deteriorate. And that is where professional training is vitally important.

So, before you ask the signwriter to add on “artificial grass” to your van, consider the benefits, added value and competitive edge a professional training certification will give.

Raising standards

The Evergreens UK Group has long been recognised across the UK as the pioneer in artificial grass products, systems and their continuous development. With their technical specialists at they have gained official accreditation and an industry-recognised award from Lantra, the leading awarding body for land-based industries, for their Artificial Grass Training Programme.

Designed to raise professional standards in the art of artificial grass installation, the Artificial Grass Training Programme, administered at the company’s Midlands-based National Training Academy, is the first and only accredited training in the UK.

“Since we launched the programme in 2020, we have seen an encouraging throughput of contractors achieving the certificate here in Rutland,” states Evergreens Sales and Marketing Director, Andy Driver.

“We’ve a strong reputation and market presence for artificial grass that goes back over 35 years – and our network of installers and the products they install are testament to the importance we place on quality and the achievement of a premium end result.”

Hands-on training

The two-day theory and practical training course caters for all abilities and is vital in ensuring proficiency in domestic, commercial and public arenas. Artificial lawns are typically installed by landscapers, grounds teams or facilities specialists and achieving an industry-recognised qualification gives you a competitive advantage and an extra professional edge as installers look to stand out in this busiest of marketplaces.

Product selection, tools and aftercare

The nationally recognised course covers all elements of the installation process from product selection to aftercare. Trainees gain expertise on environmental working, consider site and drainage implications and explore the history and types of artificial grass. The programme also outlines how to match batches and details each stage of the measuring and installation process in a practical and informal environment. Aftercare, the right tools and associated equipment – each element is covered thoroughly and comprehensively.

Added value

Successful attendees will be awarded a Lantra certificate of competence a Skills Identity Card and can apply for an Artificial Grass Installer Blue Skilled LISS/CSCS Card via the British Association of Landscape Industries (BALI) – a requirement to work on any commercial site.

Completing the training will reinforce customer confidence in your skills and installation methods – an added reason for them to choose an Accredited Installer over a non-trained competitor, distinguishing you from others on more than just price.

“Customers value that you’re part of a big brand that can facilitate training and teach us about the correct products and installation.”

– Josh Bartlett, Active Surfaces, Accredited Installer

Support and peace of mind

By association, all trained installers accredited within the programme have the ongoing support and back-up of the merchant team. Whether attending as a team or a sole installer, you will be learning alongside others eager to develop at the forefront of artificial grass installation, product development, legislation and techniques.

For further information and to secure training places at the National Training Academy for this two-day theoretical and practical technical training provided by Accredited Trainers and a Technical Verifier for the British Association of Landscape Industries, please visit

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