Talon launches new product brochure

Talon launches new product brochure

Talon has launched its latest brochure, showcasing the company’s recent acquisition, PipeSnug.

With a history of moulding top-quality pipe clips since 1986, Talon now offers the widest range of pipe clips available in the UK, catering to pipe sizes from 8mm to 35mm. From the Talon Flexi Hinged Clip range for multilayer pipes and the Colour Coded Identification Range for easy identification, to the EZ Joist Clip, a game-changing solution for addressing angles and awkward spaces, the new brochure features it all and more.

The brochure also features a dedicated four-page section highlighting the innovative PipeSnug range – a perfect fit for Talon’s expanding product portfolio. Recent changes to Part L of the Building Regulations mandates that pipe seals and grommets are used on pipe penetrations in all new builds. PipeSnug, now proudly known as ‘PipeSnug by Talon’ meets this requirement without the need for extra sealant or air sealing tape providing seamless pipe penetrations.

Additionally, the updated brochure includes new Snappit Blister Pack images and codes, new display boards and codes, updated EZ Clip CDU and codes and a comprehensive POS summary at the back with codes and added images, providing a complete and user-friendly experience.

For more information about Talon and its products, please visit www.talon.co.uk/faqs/can-i-have-a-copy-of-your-brochure 

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