Getting the job done safely with Henchman’s Tripod Ladders

Getting the job done safely with Henchman’s Tripod Ladders

Henchman launches new Fully Adjustable Tripod Ladder PRO range to help professionals get the job done, safely.

Professional gardeners, landscapers and arborists alike can take their jobs to new heights with the launch of Henchman’s strongest and most versatile tripod ladders yet. 

The ladder specialist has introduced two new models created with even more adjustability, usability, and durability in mind, providing an enjoyable, sturdy, and – most importantly – safe working environment.

Designed with precision engineering and structural excellence, the Fully Adjustable Tripod Ladder PRO offers endless options for repositioning and adjusting it as you work. Each leg is independently adjustable to accommodate substantial sloping, uneven earth, and steps. This makes jobs in tricky terrains a breeze, perfect for professionals who will encounter all eventualities across different spaces from day to day.  

While all Henchman ladders feature a built-in platform, the PRO model boasts an additional platform below, ideal for working at variable heights and or offering additional chest support to help users feel more stable.

Throughout the ladder, a host of design features have been incorporated to increase sturdiness and durability, including more rung supports to add strength in key areas, additional bracing at the first rung, and a thicker gauge of aluminium. There is also a new rear leg catch to hold the back leg securely closed and prevent it from swinging out whilst carrying, transporting or storing the ladder. The PRO model comes in sizes: 6ft, 8ft, 10ft, 12ft, 14ft and 16ft.  

Henchman Tripod Ladders are the only EN131 certified tripod ladders available in the UK. Safety and usability is at the forefront of the design, as they offer the most adjustability for uneven ground on the market. In fact, they provide at least 20% more adjustability than competitors, and up to a massive 80% more on its 8ft models – keeping their buyers safe.  

The Fully Adjustable Tripod Ladder PRO also reveals Henchman’s new signature look for the range, with an eye-catching red or blue-coated third leg and Henchman’s instantly recognisable logoplate.  

As well as the Fully Adjustable Tripod Ladder PRO, Henchman has also introduced a new and improved design for its popular Fully Adjustable Tripod Ladder range, which is available in sizes: 5ft, 6ft, 8ft, 10ft and 12 ft. 

Featuring three independently adjustable legs for use on any surface, a more generous platform surface for increased comfort, and improved strength and durability throughout, as well as a stylish blue leg, the new design will keep users safe whether working inside or outdoors.  

Tom Kitching, CEO of Henchman, commented: “Our original line up of Tripod Ladders has been on the market for over a decade and we’ve sold tens of thousands to happy customers spanning all manner of professional sectors. Over the years, though, we’ve collected feedback, gathered insight and evolved our structural engineering, which has resulted in the new range – an even stronger, more comfortable, and long-lasting ladder that will help our customers get the job done, safely.”  

For more on the Fully Adjustable Tripod Ladder PRO, visit Henchman Fully Adjustable PRO Ladder | EN131 Tripod Ladder.

For information on Henchman’s full range of ladders, visit Henchman | Tripod Ladders & Safe Working Platforms.

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