Cutting to the Chase: Tibby Reviews Irwin’s WeldTec Saw Blades

Cutting to the Chase: Tibby Reviews Irwin’s WeldTec Saw Blades

Cutting material to size with a circular saw may sound like an easy task. However, there are many different materials that need cutting using different methods. For example, a cross cut is generally a shorter cut which goes across the grain, whereas a rip cut is often a long cut going along the grain.

It’s this rip cut that literally feels like a long cut and is dreaded the most. However, with Irwin’s WeldTec 190mm 24T Circular Saw Blade, I didn’t feel I was going round in circles. In fact, the only thing that was, was the blade.

I recently had a project where I had to level a sloping ceiling, and the best way to do this was to cut timber firings for each of the 20 joists. As you can imagine there was a lot of ripping, without nipping for a tea break.

I got my teeth straight into the job, and the welded Carbide Teeth on Irwin’s Circular Saw Blade meant it’s got 30 per cent stronger tooth bond and a 50 per cent longer life.

You could say the blades been in a dentist’s chair, as each of its 24 teeth are razor sharp, even after so many cuts. The reason for this is that each tooth is made from ultra-compact carbide, making it 70 per cent tougher than standard carbide. The blade also features an Alternate Top Bevel (ATB), making it ideal for cross cutting and ripping all types of wood.

Although there is a flame design on the side of the blade, you won’t see it over heating. This is prevented by incorporating three innovative heat vents that prevent the blade from getting over heated. This was ideal for me as I was working against the clock to get the job done.

The hard work is made easy as the blade is fully hardened to make light work of any job and more importantly maintain its accuracy with each cut. This Irwin’s WeldTec 190mm 24T Circular Saw Blade is inevitably made stronger to last longer.

Tirbhavan “Tibby Singh” Chodha

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