CaberWood MDF storage and conditioning

CaberWood MDF storage and conditioning

How should CaberWood MDF be stored and conditioned?


Wood panel products expand on taking moisture from surrounding air and shrink on losing it. As a guide, a small increase in moisture of one per cent increases length and width by 0.25mm per metre. A decrease in moisture of one per cent will have a corresponding shrinkage effect.

It is clearly desirable to minimise these changes, which can be applied pro-rata, by taking a few simple precautions. Boards should be allowed to reach equilibrium by storing them under the atmospheric conditions in which they are to be used, for a minimum of 48 hours prior to laying. It is recommended that boards are loose stacked, on a minimum of three equi-spaced bearers, with spacers between each board to allow free air movement.

Moisture content

All wood is hygroscopic. Its moisture content, therefore, depends on its environment.

The moisture content which wood and wood-based products will attain in service (equilibrium moisture content) depends primarily on the atmospheric humidity. 

CaberWood MDF panel weight guide

For lifting & handling purposes using an 18mm panel thickness, the following should be used as a guide weight (kg per m²):

  • CaberWood Trade MDF / Moisture Resistant 10 kg/m²
  • CaberWood Pro MDF / Moisture Resistant 13 kg/m²
  • CaberWood Industrial MDF 14.5 kg/m²

Note: Calculations for guide weights for thicknesses other than 18mm, are pro-rata,
e.g. 12mm CaberWood MDF Trade = 10 kg/m² x 12/18 = 6.7 kg/m².

Transport and storage

CaberWood MDF should be:

  • Transported in uniform stacks on a flat base to avoid damage
  • Protected against the weather
  • Stored on a rigid flat base and adequately ventilated
  • Insulated from the ground to avoid dampness
  • When wooden bearers are used, they should be of uniform thickness and placed in line. The distance between bearers should be no greater than 700–1,000mm.
  • An HSE information sheet on the ‘safe stacking of sawn material and board materials’ is available on request from




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