West Fraser tells all on its MDF range

West Fraser tells all on its MDF range

Professional Builder puts your questions on the West Fraser MDF range to the manufacturer

Q. Can you provide an indication of what is within the West Fraser MDF range?  

For general purpose joinery, CaberMDF Trade is a high quality, lightweight MDF with consistent density. Its smooth surface makes it ideal for painting or applying paper foils and veneers. It saws, drills and routs cleanly and easily.

CaberMDF Trade MR is a lightweight, moisture resistant board for general purpose joinery. It performs well in occasionally wet or humid environments. It saws, drills and routs cleanly without splintering or chipping.

CaberMDF Pro is a premium grade MDF with a consistent density for high quality finishing. Its smooth surface makes it ideal where intricate detailing is required.

CaberMDF Pro MR has all the premium qualities of CaberMDF Pro with added moisture resistance making it suitable for use in kitchens, bathrooms and utility rooms or other situations where the environment is prone to humidity.

CaberMDF Industrial is suitable for use with all woodworking machines and hand tools. With a denser design, it is perfect for deep profiles and allows advanced finishing. CaberMDF Industrial is moisture resistant, making it ideal for kitchen and bathroom joinery.

Q: I need a moisture resistant board for kitchen and bathroom joinery – and in more humid or damp environments generally. Is there a West Fraser solution?

CaberMDF Trade MR, CaberMDF Pro MR and CaberMDF Industrial are all moisture resistant boards, suitable for occasionally wet or humid environments.

Q: If I need a board that will take a high-quality paint finish. What should I be using? What paint formulation is best suited to MDF?

MDF can be painted using oil-based paints.

Q: What about more intricate edge profiling and routing? What MDF solution would be right for those jobs?

CaberMDF Industrial delivers high levels of accuracy when being crafted using all types of woodworking equipment, from CNC routers to hand tools. The board can be used for architectural mouldings and designs with advanced deep routed profiles and painted finishes. As it does not splinter or crack, unlike natural timber, there is minimal waste or need for reworking.

Q: What screws does West Fraser recommend should be used with its MDF?

Most types of screws can be used. Best results are obtained with parallel thread screws.

Q: What thicknesses does West Fraser supply its MDF in?

CaberMDF Trade and CaberMDF Trade MR is available in 12, 15, 18, 22 and 25mm thicknesses. CaberMDF Pro is available in 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 19, 22, 25, 30, 36 and 38mm thicknesses. CaberMDF Pro MR is available in 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 22, 25 and 30mm thicknesses. CaberMDF Industrial is made to order.

Q: What safety precautions do I need to be taking when working with MDF?

All wood related products create dust when cut or machined. We advise the use of appropriate PPE and ventilation when machining, cutting, drilling, sawing any timber product including MDF. For further information on working with MDF and wood panels, download our CaberMDF Safety Data Sheet from our website: Download Documents, Guides & Instructions | West Fraser

Q: Where can I find further information on West Fraser’s MDF range?

Our website has a wealth of information to help builders ensure they source the right board for the job. A designated housebuilder page on the website includes a handy checklist, fact sheets, an interactive product guide, BBA certificates and associated specification documents.

For further information on the West Fraser MDF range visit CaberMDF Boards | Moisture Resistant MDF Sheets (westfraser.com).

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