Watch: modular homes built in 34 days

Watch: modular homes built in 34 days

A developer has shared time-lapse footage of four modular homes being built – and the whole process took just 34 days.

Project Etopia used modular construction techniques to build the three-storey townhouses in Corby, Northamptonshire – part of a 47-property development at Priors Hall Park. The speed is achieved by factory construction of the exterior shells and by using manual lifting rather than cranes, which slow other providers down.

The houses will be equipped with Etopia’s E-Smart technology, giving owners the power to control lighting, blinds, heating and more. They will also have an earth energy bank/GeoStore system which stores heat energy while batteries store electricity.

Project Etopia started the groundwork in December last year. The project has been chosen as one of five Building for 2050 research projects funded by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy.

Joseph Daniels, CEO of Project Etopia, commented, “These homes have shot out of the ground. It’s an immensely proud moment because these are the first non-demonstration homes that we have built and they were ahead of schedule and on budget. They’re a wonderful example of how modular building will provide luxury, desirable homes for everyone with cost, labour and time savings keeping prices at an affordable level.

“Throughout the build local residents have been remarking how they’d return from work and be amazed by how much progress had been made in just a day. Development of the remaining 43 units will follow rapidly behind. The housing crisis is keeping many trapped in a cycle of renting, and only by rapidly accelerating house-building can policy-makers ensure this changes. These homes are the solution to that problem and the future of housebuilding in Britain.”

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