Choosing the right doors for new build

Choosing the right doors for new build

Jade Damarell, brand manager at XL Joinery, shares her advice on what to consider when providing doors for a new build property.

Purchasing a new build is becoming an increasingly popular option amongst potential house buyers, and it’s easy to see why. Offering premium, ready-to-move-into homes that feature the aesthetics of the homeowner’s choice, new build properties present the perfect opportunity for purchasers to move in with ease and simplicity, whilst saving time and avoiding the hassle of project work. By ensuring that the property is of a high quality both inside and out, builders will be able to transform the industry’s negative perceptions whilst guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

First impressions count

With so much choice available on the market, choosing the right external door is no easy task. Combining a quality product with attractive aesthetics as well as enhanced security, it’s important for builders to offer valuable and accurate recommendations to their customers before fitting.

A front door provides the opportunity to create a good first impression, offering scope for stylish expression and personal preference. One particular trend that is popular amongst homeowners is the inclusion of a coloured front door. Whether homeowners are looking to make a statement with a striking entrance in a cobalt blue, or choose a more conservative option in neutral colours, there’s an option for everyone.

When it comes to the rear of the new build, it’s easy to dismiss and opt for the easiest product. However, we recommend fitting a back door that features a combination of glass and wood, such as our range of bi-fold doors. Not only will this add a touch of variety into the build, but the addition of glass will also bathe the house in natural light; a trend that is particularly hot at the minute.

It’s what’s on the inside that counts

Internal doors have the ability to bring a room, and a home, to life; something that is crucial to consider when transforming a new build property into a warm and welcoming home. Therefore, builders should consider the quality and performance characteristics of a product before offering recommendations to customers.

By working with a product that locks both sound and heat within the home, customers can enjoy long-term satisfaction with their product, resulting in an improved attitude towards their overall new build experience.

Another feature that is worth considering when opting for an internal door is products that boast a solid core construction. As well as offering superior sound and heat retention, a solid core door is an affordable and long-lasting solution that also offers enhanced fire resistance due to their thickness.

The endless possibilities of a blank canvas
Providing doors for a new build property creates an opportunity for both builders and customers to take advantage of the blank canvas and help to style a new house itself.

Depending on the customer’s personal preference, external door options can range from a bold statement coloured door, such as our external Tricoya range, or a timeless classic that adds a touch of warmth and tradition to the home.

Similarly, door choice gives builders an opportunity to create a consistent theme from one room to the next that will run throughout the home. For traditional styles, doors with styling details such as panels or raised mouldings, like those in our Calabria and Louis ranges, have the classic look and appeal that have been seen in houses for generations.

For contemporary looks, opting for sleek, minimalist styles helps set a modern tone throughout the home. Doors that combine materials such as wood, metal and glass within their designs are especially growing in popularity due to their varied and exciting aesthetics, giving an alternative look than traditional doorsets.

Ultimately, working with new build homes offers a wealth of opportunities for builders to take advantage of. Ranging from external and internal doors, as well as aesthetic designs and varied styles, carefully considering the type of doors to include in a new build allows builders to set a consistent theme throughout the entire house. What’s more, choosing a supplier that can offer products that boast superior heat retention and sound insulation means that builders and developers know they’re using a product that will be beneficial to future occupants. By not dismissing the importance of doors within new builds, builders are able to easily add a premium touch across the home and offer an overall high-quality finished product.

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