Window Replacement with Jeld-Wen

Window Replacement with Jeld-Wen

When it comes to replacing windows, whether it be a single window or a full house set, there are so many options to consider and opportunities to work with your customer to get the exact look and finish desired.

Here, Tony Pell, Senior Product Manager at Jeld-Wen, shares tips to ensure you get the right timber window and perfect fit, first time.

Working with the Customer

Collecting as much preliminary information when talking about replacement windows with your customer is a must. You can use this time as an opportunity to not only ask the basics, but delve deeper and discuss the security and added-value options too.

For example; is it a low level window that might need laminated or toughened glass to comply with Building Regulations; or is it so high up that a self-cleaning coating would be an advantage?

This initial conversation is also a further opportunity to discuss glazing too, as some customers may need guidance. Whilst double glazed windows provide an excellent level of energy efficiency, triple glazed units of course offer improved acoustic and thermal performance.

Other considerations should also be covered off early on, such as is the property is in a conservation area, or is it in need a bespoke shape or made to measure solution. Every house is different and will require a different decision process, so consider the property type and occupant to offer ideas.

Perfect Preparation

When it comes to installing replacement windows it is important to make sure that the new window product is correct and undamaged before removing the existing ones – this will make sure that the house isn’t left vulnerable and unfilled should there be a problem.

Following the removal of the old window prepare the work area and check that the aperture and lintel are in place and undamaged. Re-measure the window opening again to double check that the window frame is the correct size and the specification.

Once you have packed and fixed the frame in place, open all the sashes to ensure they operate correctly, before finally fitting securely in place.

When installing the frame, wider windows will need more fixings to meet Building Regulations, so always follow the manufacturer’s guidance. Make any adjustments required for smooth operation before making the aperture weather tight. All perimeter gaps should be sealed and finished appropriately using expanding foam tape or similar material.

Tips and Tricks

Advising your customers to choose fully finished timber windows will help to save time on site, and when choosing Jeld-Wen timber windows these can also often be customised in dual colour options. This gives homeowners the flexibility of matching the windows to the interior while opting for a different external shade.

For personal safety always get someone to help you when installing windows, never attempt to remove or fit a window by yourself. Make sure you handle the frame carefully at all times to avoid damage to the glazing and joints, and be sure that you have enough time to remove the existing window and replace it – so that the property remains secure and weatherproof.

Made to Measure

The trade can also take advantage of made to measure products offered by Jeld-Wen too. By opting for made to measure timber windows, manufactured to the exact size and specification required, replacement window projects will go as smoothly as possible – ensuring the right fit first time every time.

Jeld-Wen will also support you to ensure that ongoing support and guidance is provided where needed to help fulfil your project from point of order, installation and after sales queries too.

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