#TradesTalk discusses taking a holiday for the self-employed trades

#TradesTalk discusses taking a holiday for the self-employed trades

Running your own business in the building trades can make it difficult to get a proper break from work, and this was the topic discussed by #TradesTalk on Twitter this week.

As usual, we have rounded-up the best bits for you, but do have a look at the #TradesTalk hashtag to get involved in the conversation, which takes place every Tuesday 8-9pm and covers everything from tools to mental health.

The first question on the topic of holidays simply looked at everyone’s plans and whether they hoped to get away this year.


Then the conversation moved on to the difficulties of switching off for the self-employed tradesperson.

And does the phone get switched off while you’re on holiday?


When the trades do finally get a well-earned break, it seems most can’t resist having a look at the quality of the work in their destination.



And if you can’t completely turn your phone off, it is still possible to relax on holiday.



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